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Tender Coconut Payasam

I’m totally kicked about tender coconut. Always. A few months back, a couple of friends told me that they’d been served ‘Tender coconut payasam’ as part of a meal at the ISKCON temple here in Bangalore. When I heard them, I went “Gawk! Really? Payasam with tender coconut?”. I kept telling myself I should try making it. In the midst of my hectic schedule in the last 2 months, I’d completely forgotten. Yesterday though, I was once again reminded about the payasam by one of them friends who’d tasted it at ISKCON and there was no stopping me this time. Thanks Shruthi, for the inspiration. As soon as the tender coconut-walla came around on the streets today, I got me some fresh tender coconut water and the malai and got down to making this. I didn’t really have a recipe on hand. I just threw in whatever I thought would work with the tender coconut. This is probably the easiest payasam I have ever made; took me just about five minutes to fix. Even a 5-year old could whip this up in no time. So all you moms out there, you could make a small kitchen project of this recipe. Your little one will surely love the play-time in mamma’s domain.

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