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Potato Salad Chat

OK, this is the last of the left-over delicacies, with both, the creative juices and the aloo parantha stuffing running on ration 😉


  • Potato Salad – 2 cups
  • Flat puris (Sev puris) – as many as you like/as many as you can make with the potato salad you have on hand (I used a store-bought packet of the flat puris, which had about 30-35 of them and used them all up). You could also use chat katoris like the ones here.


  • Top each flat puri with the salad, or if using chat katoris, scoop spoonfuls into each katori. Sprinkle some sev on top if you like (I didn’t have any on hand). Arrange on a plate and serve immediately.

If you plan to make them ahead for a party, keep the topping ready and top the puris/fill the chat katoris just before serving, to prevent the puris/chat katoris from getting soggy.

This too, is going to Gomathy’s (Daisy Blue) ‘Left-over Delicacies‘ Event.