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Healthy Apple & Jack-fruit Salad

If you are a weight-watcher, then this one’s for you. Well the good news is, even if you’re not, this one’s still for you. It’s for everybody, cos you cannot deprive yourself of such a delicious and healthy salad. It’s got granny smith apples, its got red delicious apples, its got radish, its got carrot, its got jackfruit, its got raw mango (keri),  some pickled ginger (yes, this is where some of my Gari went!), a roasted cumin vinaigrette, some chopped parsley, and that’s it. Voila! Yeah, I’ve said it all so you don’t really need a recipe for this one now, do you? Would you still need me to sit and type it out all over again in an organised manner? If you just answered yes, I must admit that I’ve spoilt you guys rotten. But I love doing it, and that’s what I’m here for. So yeah, I’ll give you the detailed recipe all the same 🙂

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