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Free-spirit Bloggers

Free-spirit Bloggers? Errrrr…Who? What? Where?

Allow me to bring you on the same page. Let me start by saying that I was feeling a tad tied down and slackened by a lot of things going on around me, and needed something to perk me up. Did I just hear you say “What better way to get perked up, than cooking up a storm in the kitchen?” Aye aye Cap’n! But then, the last couple of months have seen me doing just mundane cooking. Just like a programmed robot – No storms. No excitement. No fervour. Nothing. Added to this, even the poor oven is rusty and pulling a face at me. I was raring for something that would excite, thrill and be a whole lot more serious fun in the kitchen. Well let me admit, for a long time now I’ve been racking my brains about a series of blogger events that would be ‘something totally different’. Something that would awaken the adventurous side in us, and also give us that exciting punch; you know – experiment, learn new stuff, try some challenging dishes/bakes and so much more.

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