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Serve me Some…Juices, Shakes, Smoothies

I’d promised to set the ball rolling on a series of enthralling events called “Serve me some…”, with diverse themes every month, all set to wow you and have you drooling like never before. And here I am, with the Event Announcement! I could not have done this without help on the ideation process from my dearest friends Shrigowri and Deepti Pawar. Thank you girls…really appreciate your never-dying enthusiasm. Hugs!

Before I embark on the announcement, I have to say this to all my readers: Love you all for being avid readers of my blog, and your constant encouragement and support, to say the very least. I’m sure you will all back me up on this new initiative too. Non-bloggers, do not be disappointed, cos I’m throwing this open to everyone, blogger or not. So get all set to cook up some storms in your kitchen!

Since I’m starting the series with the onset of summer here, the first of the series is bound to have something to do with making it easier for us to deal with the hot summer days ahead; The first of the ‘Serve me some…” series starting this month, therefore has

Summer Soothers I: ‘Juices, Shakes, Smoothies’,

for its theme. A theme, which I’m sure most of you in India will back me up on…what with the temperature soaring so steadily, we will soon need portable swimming pools to cool off on the move!

Ok, so here are the rules of the game. Nothing new, but just to make things clear, here’s how it works:

  1. Create a juice/shake/smoothie to fit the theme of ‘Summer Soothers’. You could use fruits, veggies or what you deem fit. Get as creative as you can! (Though it doesn’t really apply to this theme, I’m still saying it…only vegetarian entries please. Eggs allowed).
  2. Post it on your blog anytime during the month, starting today, right until 31st March ’10 (Entries must be in English please).
  3. Provide a link to this announcement in your post and I’d appreciate it if you could also include the logo. It helps spread the word.
  4. Have an archived entry? No problem, just link it to the event announcement and update the post. No need to re-post by dating it to the event period, I personally don’t see any sense in that.
  5. Send in as many entries as you like. You have all month…the more the merrier!
  6. If your concoction is inspired from a cookbook, site, blog or another chef, please acknowledge and provide a direct link to the source (as applicable).
  7. Lastly, please send me an email, not later than 1st April ’10, at ‘cookcurrynook[at]gmail[dot]com‘ with the following details
  • Your Name.
  • Blog URL.
  • Name of the recipe
  • URL of the post.
  • A picture of the dish, 300 pixels wide.

8. Non-bloggers, please send me an email at the mentioned id, with the following details

  • Your Name.
  • Name of the recipe
  • The detailed recipe, with the ingredients and procedure.
  • A picture of the dish, 300pixels wide (if you have one).

In case you have any queries/concerns, feel free to drop me a line at my email. Im sure we can sort it out.

Alright, so whatcha’ waiting for? Let those (creative) juices flow…Do I already hear the whirring of mixers and blenders and ching-chings of your best serving glasses and goblets? 🙂 Go on, wow us all!