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Mandakki Upma

I’m a sucker for quick-fix breakfast dishes. Like this one. Much as I love our idlis, dosas, adais and other traditional power breakfast dishes, I also like to explore breakfast/tiffin options from other ethnic cultures, and this is one such dish that I absolutely love. If you haven’t heard of Mandakki upma earlier, you will not guess the main ingredient in it. Mandakki is ‘puffed rice’. Yes, a breakfast dish made with puffed rice! Sounds novel? For the people of North Karnataka though, this is staple diet…something that they churn from their cook-pot just as often as we make our idlis and dosas. What’s more, the recipe is very adaptable too. If you don’t have the veggies on hand, just give it a simple tadka with hing, mustard seeds, jeera, green chillies, curry leaves; add coriander and a dash of lime juice after you remove from the flame and the Mandakki upma will be just as deliciously lip-smacking. Whatever goes for you…come on now, get those creative juices flowing a bit. Continue reading