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‘The Chocolate Fest’ – Celebrating CCN’s 1st Anniversary!!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Cook-curry Nook turns ‘ONE’ on October 18th, and I could not have brought CCN this far if not for you guys! My heartfelt thanks to each and every reader, for motivating and encouraging me to keep this going. I owe it all to you guys. Come here now will you, let me give you a big hug for everything you’ve done for me! <Huggggggggsss> from both CCN, and me 😀

Aren’t we feeling festive already? We’re celebrating Navaratri, Diwali is around the corner, and CCN adds to the festive spirit by turning One too! Seriously, could this get any better? Only you could make that happen! How? Let me tell you in a bit. Before that, let me tell you what a terrific journey this last year has been with you all. Thanks to CCN, I have so many new friends from the world over, friends who I havent met, but I know they’re there, just like that. What’s more, all you friends are big foodies just like me *smirk*, so I don’t feel like a fool when I ramble on about my love for different foods. Talking about my love for foods, you know about my long-standing affair with the Chocolate family no? Why am I suddenly talking Chocolate? Am I planting ideas in your pretty head? Are you getting the exact same ideas I want you to get? Oh yes you’d better be! After one year of listening to my banter, you should know of my love for chocolate and anything chocolate-y. Do you not? Well you know now, yeah? Make a mental note of this, ‘cos I’m going to have you thinking of chocolate all the time, for the next one month. Yes, all the time! Why? Isn’t it simple? I want YOU to join ME in celebrating CCN’s first Anniversary, and how are we going to do that? By making all things chocolate-y and talking about it too! Oh yes, you get to talk about it alright, and share it with CCN too, right here, at a virtual party to celebrate one hell of a year, and many more to come! Isn’t that just wonderful?

Here’s how – Make any food with chocolate or something that is chocolate-y, anytime between today i.e. 15th October, and 15th November, and send it over to the party. The creation can be a cake or bake, a dessert, pudding, home-made chocolates, your own chocolate-y creations…you get the drift. Prepare and share just anything, as long as it is chocolate-y for all of us to tip into the heaven-liest Chocolate Nirvana!

Here are some rules we could do with, just to make things clear –

  1. The entries must be original. If inspired or copied from another source, please give credit. Multiple entries are allowed.
  2. Please link your post/s to this post.
  3. Older entries are fine as long as you link them here. No need to re-post.
  4. If you are a Blogger, leave me a comment here with a link to your post, once you have your chocolate-y recipe posted. NO need to send me an email.
  5. Non-bloggers, I would love it if you could contribute. After all, you are my pillars of strength! Please send me an email with a detailed recipe (inclusive of ingredients, their proportions, and the procedure), along with a picture, and then leave me a comment on this post, so that way, its easier for me to include your entry for picking the random winner.
In case you have any queries, feel free to drop me a line.
So are you ready to dive head-long into a month-long bout of Chocolate Nirvana? I for one, am not sure if I should dive into it, or levitate in the high. Help me decide, will ya? 😉 Gee yes, go on and flood me with your entries, and I hope this will be a high that none of us will forget very easily!