Have you tried a recipe from Cook-curry Nook and are waiting to rave about it? I’m all for it! And I’m positive that the other readers of the site would love to read your ‘Tastymonials’ too. To me, your ‘Tastymonials’ are like little gems adorning the site. And to the other readers, your ‘Tastymonial’ could be just the push they are looking for, to be inspired to take the plunge and try a particular dish/bake from here.

So from now on, I will be updating this page with each Tastymonial that you send over to me. Just leave me a comment on the original post, and if you could send me a picture of your dish/bake by email, I’d love to feature that as part of your Tastymonial as well (no pressure about the picture however).

This is my way of saying thanks in return for your ‘Thank you’-s, and like everything else you have all supported me with, I’m looking forward to the same rigour and support with this new feature on the site too! Thanks much y’all, for swinging by often, trying out dishes/bakes from here, and giving me that much-needed motivation to keep going.

Love & Hugs!

And so, we begin our list of Tastymonials (in reverse chronological order) –

Valli tastifies Flax seed-Mint-Garlic Chutney podi – “Hi Madhuri, I made this yesterday… was great ! Only – I could not add the colouring variety chillies from my grocer.. he had run out. But I thought I should go on and make it any way.. It turned out very well, tastes awesome. Only it does’nt look so good, may be due to the fact I omitted the colouring chillies…but still.. wonderful idea to use flax seed in chutney powder, hats off to your dad and you to have thought of it. Oh yes, and thanks for letting us know roasting doesnt kill the nutrition value.. all this while I was powdering the flax seeds ( to add to oatmeal) with out roasting.”

Geetha tastifies Tender Coconut Payasam – “Hey Madhuri, tried the tender coconut payasam, and it turned out really good. I skipped the milk, but it still tasted great!”

Amit Anand tastifies Ginger-Capsicum Fried-rice – “Hey Madhuri..tried the ginger capsicum fried rice based on your recipe..came out sooper good..Thanks!!!”

Uma Manjunath tastifies Southekayi (Cucumber) Hasi-Gojju – “I tried Cucumber hasi gojju from your blog and it came out very good.”

Neha tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – ” Hi Madhuri di…hope you’re doing good…this cake recipe is awesome. I had tried one more cake earlier but that was a disaster…this one turned out to be great, all thanx to you…will be trying other recipes of urs too. I have already become a fan of your’s :). Regards, Neha”

Kavya tastifies Puran Poli|Paruppu Poli|Bele Holige – “Hi, Thanks for the lovely recipe! I had to make polis for Bhogi and I was stumped. Luckily I came across your recipe. The instructions were very precise and the Polis came out really soft! Thanks!”

Pallavi tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hey, also i tried out the eggless sponge cake on Christmas..It was too good……I repeated the recipe a number of times to all my guests at home…as they were very curious to know if we could really prepare cakes with curds……Thanks a lot for all the recipes.”

Pallavi tastifies Fudgy Chocolate Burfi – “Hey Madhuri…tried out the choco burfi.It turned out well.I used milk powder instead khova as i can feel less guilty… As you said it definitely gave my arms a good exercise while stirring…At the end of it the arm exercise paid off. Lovely burfis was the talk of the dinner party…thanx a lot.”

Anitha tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hi Madhuri, I was attracted to your website when I was looking out for eggless sponge cake. Your description of the recipe, the photographs attracted me. Thanks for such beautiful explanation. I tried your recipe and it came out pretty well.

One observation I had was that the cake dipped in the middle. Do you have any suggestion to avoid this. (I could not have baked the cake any longer as the outer had already become quite brownish). Thanks again!!”

100th Tastymonial!: Rekha tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hi Madhuri, I am new to baking, and I tried this cake as my first cake attempt…It turned out VERY GOOD. I was looking out for such a starter cake recipe and I got it from your blog, that I got linked to, from Nags of Edible Garden (Yet to try her Banana Cake next). Thanks for the recipe!!”

Valli tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hi Madhuri, I made this cake on christmas eve, had been trying to for a looooong time. But boy, was it worth the wait ! It came out so well. I followed the recipe to a T.. except that I added some tutti fruiti bits ( my kid wanted to). oh, and I used the microwave for four minutes, then took it out, glazed with milk, and used the grill for 3 minutes. Just letting you know so that in case some one wanted to do it even quicker, they can do that in the microwave. It was wonderful and I sent some to some friends and they loved it. I used up all the curd I had at home, leaving only a little for my hubby – and I love curd, cant do without it .. but then, I had been wanting to do it for so long and I had decided I will make it, no matter what, even if it meant no curd rice (gasp!).  I took pictures but … well the pictures dont do the cake justice.. but I had an impatient kid tugging on my hand – WAITING to eat the cake ! :D Im sending you one pic.”

Akshata Kamath tastifies Black Forest Gateau – “Celebrated Sashu’s birthday with yummy Black forest gateau thanks to your well presented recipe . Thanks a ton Madhuri, you made our day :)”

Lakshmi Anand tastifies Oats Idlis – “Hey Madhuri, I tried the oats Idli. My hubby loved it and asked me to make it more often! Can’t thank u enough for this oats recipe as my hubby does not like to have oats by itself! Cheers to u!”

Anjana Santosh tastifies Kuttavalakki|Huli-avalakki|Gojjavalakki – “Hi Madhuri, It is wonderful to read all your recipes and more pleasurable to try them. Each and every time I have tried your recipes, the foods turned out to be very special. I have been pampered both in my mom’s place and in my in-laws, they just dont allow me to cook. Now that I’m in Singapore, I have started to learn and every time I have made your specialities, my husband has loved it. He says it is very close to what his mother prepares. What more does a wife want to hear?

It will be more wonderful if we could be friends :)


Rashi Khandelwal tastifies Akki Rotti – “”Hey Mads…tried your akki roti recipe …turned out great! Thanks! :)”

Anang Srinivas tastifies Pudina Chutney – “Hey Madhuri, we googled pudina chutney and found your recipe. The next time we should just go to you site I guess. Thanks.”

Rekha tastifies Healthy Whole Wheat Bread – “I just made this Madhuri, and it turned out awesome :)”

Pria Rajen tastifies Soft Garlic Knots – “No words Mads, real happiness…worth a thousand awards…very happy to have you around dear!!”

Anita Haribabu tastifies Soft Garlic Knots – “Hey Madhuri! The pic was way too tempting for me to resist, so I made these lovely garlic knots today. Its just toooooooo good to resist!! Thanks for this yummilicious recipe!!”

Chitra tastifies No-fry Cauliflower Manchurian Gravy – “Madhuri, this is the first time I came across your blog and receipes. The no fry cauliflower manchurian was a pleasure to make, and more importantly, tasted spectacular. Thank you for posting your receipes and making the lives of the culinarily challenged, easier!”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Aloo Paranthas – “Hi Mads, day before yesterday, ‘A’ wanted Aloo parathas for dinner.. It had been quite some time since I had made his fav dish.. Then thought why not check out your Aloo paratha recipe instead of my usual way. I make good parathas generally, but just that I mash potatoes and add all the powders which I get my hand on and make the stuffing. Your proper procedure with the onions and jeera turned out to be lovely I should say! It was soo yummy! I don’t think I’ll go back to my version again! Thanks a looooot!”

Vidhyagowri tastifies One-minute Vegan Microwave Black Forest Cupcakes– “Hi Madhuri, I tried this recipe today. I made cake instead of cupcakes with few changes. Turned out very yummy.. thanks for sharing the recipe”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies the 2-minute Chocolate Wonder Cake in a Mug – “Hi Mads,
long overdue feedback, though I gave it over to you over the phone instantly! :)
I have made it thrice since then. This is truly a 2 minute wonder! Whenever I feel like eating cake, all that I have to do is whip this up in 2 minutes and a few more minutes in the oven for it to bake. Voila! Yummy cake ready! Dont I love it!! :D”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Nei Appam – “Hi Mads, I should thank you a ton for this nei appam recipe.. It turned out wonderfully well..:) I generally use only oil for my appams, but the combination of ghee and oil was really really good! The touch and feel of the appam was also just perfect!!! Thanks a ton!”

Priya Srinivasan tastifies One-minute Vegan Microwave Black Forest Cupcakes – “Tried your one-minute Vegan Black Forest Cake as a weekend morning breakfast treat for my Lil Superhero!!! It was a super duper hit!!!! Amazing!!!! 2 minutes to cook and 3rd minute it vanishes!!!! My kiddo jus loved it!!!!! Thanks for Sharing a Quickie, hearty chocolatey Treat!!!!”

Kamakshi tastifies the 2-minute Chocolate Wonder Cake in a Mug – “I tried your microwave cake in a mug.It came out well.It was a good place to start learning my baking skills.”

Vidhyagowri tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “I tried this today Madhuri and it came out really soft and spongy. I replaced 1 1/2 cup sugar with 1/2 cup honey & 1 cup sugar. It was really yummy!!”

Sheny Kuruvilla tastifies Jeera Rice & Dum Aloo – “I tried ur dum aloo/jeera rice recipie….came out really tasty. We are purely non veg’s but this tasted almost same….never thought aloos can be this tasty…my hubby n son enjoyed the lunch….many thanx darling…posted testimonial with proof just for u……thanx for inspiring!!”

Sidhi tastifies Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hi, lovely blog! thanks alot for this great recipe I made it yesterday. I added 1 teaspoon vinegar to the mixture and made half into chocolate,so I got a marbled effect. It was great,I iced it with nutella choc and hazelnut spread. Please send me an eggless victorian sandwich/sponge cake recipe if you have one. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

Mary Malden tastifies Ginger-Capsicum Fried Rice – “Madhuri, it’s really awesome. I tried it and it was yummy. Thanks for sharing this recipe. And above all, i love the way you write. All the best.”

Abhi tastifies Creamy Spinach Soup with crunchy Croutons – “Hola Senora!! Count me among the legions of fans you have acquired! Amazing blog and superb snaps of mouth-watering yummies! Preethi was super-inspired and stirred up creamy spinach soup last evening – was super awesome!! Thank you! Keep blogging! – Abhi”

Prakruthi tastifies Adai – “Hey Mads! Thanks a ton for the recipe… tried it and it came out beautiful! As I mentioned before, I had some boiled barley left, so added it to the batter and as a result, the colour of the dosa was great. Except for Uttapams, I dont like my dosas cooked on both sides, even so, this tasted just as tasty as it should. Thanks again for a great healthy recipe!! – Love, P”

Sneha Rao tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “I have made this cake SOOOO many times. Its soooooo awesome, I actually have a whole post about it here!! 😀 ”

Deepa Harish tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “Baking a cake was always a dream for me as there was restriction at home for usage of eggs. Have tried baking eggless cake with the mix available in the supermarket but results were pathetic…You have made baking so easy & so simple that even a 10 yr old can bake a cake without any difficulty. I baked it for my son’s 6th Birthday & it came out so well that my son announced to the whole world that his mom had baked cake for his birthday!!! The joy on his face was because of you…Thanks a ton!!”

Shruthi Singh tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hey Mads, tried this awesome recipe when i had all the guests over at my place…and it was such a hit that i had people asking me to bake it every day (3 days in a row i obliged…but of course happily since even i enjoyed eating it as much as i did baking it..) with just a few changes like i used WWF instead of Maida,reduced the oil a bit and added a bit of fresh orange juice also reduced about 1/3rd of the sugar since it was just right for my taste this way, and i also reduced the amount of vanilla essence since that’s how they like it at my place…wullah…it turned out awesomely moist…again like everybody has said earlier…this one’s a grabber…and guess who got to eat the heavenly crumbs mostly..??? ;) I Absolutely lOved it…!!! I even posted it on my blog with all due credit to CCN & You…;) Thankx babes & Take care..Inspire more..!!”

Sushma tastifies No-fry Cauliflower Manchurian Gravy – “Hi Madhuri, This was just awesome, with no deep fry .I appreciate all your hardwork. Simplicity and perfectness of recipe makes me feel good and your work is so good that i am convinced all these will have best results.I try your recipes with full confidence and thank you very much for the wonderful recipes you keep posting.”

Annapurna Ganesh tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Madhuri, splendid recipe for a sponge cake. I just baked it, the aroma has spread around the house. Turned out spongy, soft and delicious. Your idea of reducing the sugar to 3/4 cup worked very well as Ganesh does not like items that are too sweet – was perfect. Thank you very much :)”

Deepti Pawar tastifies the No-fry Cauliflower Manchurian Gravy – “Just made this as a part of our almost-regular weekend Chinese dinner at home. Turned out awesome! Thanks!! Also, just for the knowledge of your readers who are non-vegetarian I would like to add that you can use this same recipe for chicken as well. I’ve prepared a similar version with about 1 inch bite size chicken pieces. So, all you avid readers of CCN who eat non-vegetarian food, give it a go. Believe me – It is YUM!”

Minu tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Madhuri – What a lovely and easy recipe. I made it last night for my son’s birthday. It came out perfect – just like your pictures. I couldn’t resist, had some tiny crumbs stuck on the pan ;) (don’t tell the birthday boy) – it was amazing. This was my first time baking with yogurt, so I was a little apprehensive of the final product – since I had an excited, cake loving 5 year old to please. Will let you know the crowd’s verdict later, but I was happy with the result… and my kitchen smelled awesome. Thanks for a great keeper.”

Deepti Pawar tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “What can I say? Even a thousand scented candles would be useless when compared to the aroma of this one baking in the oven. And does it taste good? Boy, that’s an understatement!! Thanks heaps, Madhuri. Loved it to the hilt!”

Nadiya tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “Tried this cake and it turned out absolutely wonderful! I however did add eggs and a tablespoon of regular coffee powder as a variation from this recipe..But the result was heavenly, and the cake tasted even better the next day…Such a quick and easy recipe…Thanks a ton!!!”

Gowri tastifies the No-fry Cauliflower Manchurian Gravy – “I cannot thank you enough for the Gobi- no deep fry version. It just so happened that I had all the ingredients on hand and wanted to make some short eat stuff for the evening and you had your post up. I so very much love it when I have all the ingredients on hand of any recipe I see and it also happens to be the right moment to make it. So I had cauliflower and all the other stuff and I made the manchurian just the way you posted.I made the dry version though since I was eating that alone without any other main course.So I didn’t add water and I let the florets saute on high flame to give it a fried crispy feel.It turned out toooooo good I should say.I am totally in love with this recipe. I thought I had to let you know of it right now :) I haven’t even finished eating it yet and I am posting this here :) I took a few quick bites, managed to click a picture in between and write this :) So you know how excited I should be! Thanks a bunch…love it and love you! :)

Shubhada tastifies Instant Oats Idli – “Thanks Madhuri for this healthy recipe. The only addition I’ve made is adding Dill leaves to give that extra twist in the taste. Oats idlis are a healthy option for breakfast and this recipe is a regular feature in our breakfast menu now.”

Priya Srinivasan tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “Hey Madhuri!!! Baked this cake today!!! Wow!!! Came out Great!!! Actually made it in two Silicon Moulds, one the normal and the other as a Chocolate Cake!!!! Whole place is smelling Vanilla!!!! Thanks for sharing Dear!!!”

Lata Raja tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Loaf Cake – “As I write this, I am munching on a tiny slice of the cake Madhuri.
Neither i taste the curd nor do I feel that oil has been an ingredient:)
Perfect with tea, though it is about lunch time here and I am indulging while the actual lunch is in being prepared stage..Howzzat? ( I’m not hungry…just that the cake is sitting there and …fill the rest of the scenario)”

Lata Raja tastifies Healthy Orange Whole Wheat Bread – “Now my girl, having tried and tasted I wanted the rest of your readers to know…Do try this bread and you will all thank me for suggesting so! Madhuri, I told you that I was apprehensive about the orange rind giving the extra tang…but here is what R said….”Nice orange flavour, mmm…no not finding it too much” In my terms that is testimonial to anything I cook…”

Pavithra Srihari tastifies the Black Forest Gateau – “This is my first ever cake with icing done on it .I give all the credit  to Madhs who has beautifully explained it so elaborately that I din’t even call her once for any doubts . I just followed the recipe to the dot from whipping the cream for 5 – 6 minutes to soaking the sponge overnight , the only variation I did to the cake is cut it into only two layers against 3. I am so very glad that I tried this. No wonder her maid thought it was brought from a bakery. It infact tasted better than that. I couldn’t imagine how much better hers would have tasted. I have already got so many orders for it , trust me you can never go wrong with this recipe. Oh Madhs, love you so much for this recipe . It is all your words that you have put in here gave me all the courage to try this out . Being a novice Baker , trying out BFC is little too much only , but you made it look simple with all those elaborate details to the extent that I dint even ping you once for any doubts… Love you sweet heart”

Deepa Joshi tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Cake – ” Hey Mads…tried the eggless sponge cake, came out too good…couldnt take clicks as took it for a niece’s birthday. I did frost it with chocolate ganache…awesome and a very quick one..too good..thanks so much dear for sharing..”

Chika tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Cake – “Amazing cake!!!! This was my first eggless cake and it’s the best! I’ve never enjoyed baking cakes hence always avoided. But today is my dad’s birthday and I was asked by my sister to bake a cake. I was opting to by a ready made mix, but then she encouraged me to try at home since the mix was expensive. So I dared to try this recipe and my family was full of appreciation! It’s so soft and spongy! This is better than any egg-in cake I’ve tried! Thanks for posting 🙂 ”

Priya Easwaran tastifies the Basic Eggless Sponge Cake – “Thanks a ton for this recipe. Been looking for some simple eggless cake for tea time. I tried this out yest….it turned out awesomely awesome! :) It was so spongy and tasting delightful! Been a constant follower of your other delicious preps too. Keep it coming!!!”

Surabhi tastifies the Flourless Chocolate Cake – “I baked this yesterday for my boyfrnd’s birthday and its a hit !!! Everyone louved it !! though i think i dint beat the eggs enough… but its just so yummy !!! and i took all the credit for baking a cake ‘from the scratch’ and not using a cake mix :D :D Thanks a ton for the recipe !!!”

Pratibha Gharre tastifies the Fatless Vegan Strawberry Banana Muffins – “I made these a couple of days before…Just whipped up the complete process in 30 mins…they were damn gud with all the goodness….luv’d ur low fat,no flour,no butter yet a good muffin….could not even take pics as they vanished just like dat…but definitely will try again n again….and even the texture was very nice.”

Veena tastifies High-fibre Savoury Corn Muffins – “Hi Madhuri, I loved this recipe, tried it and blogged about it. I have linked it back to your post, do have a look at http://veenasvegnation.blogspot.com/2010/08/corn-muffins.html Thanks for sharing this recipe”

Suma Venkatappa tastifies Mini Idlis in Sambhar – “Hi Madhuri, I made this.. turned out delicious as I already told you.. but have a small suggestion, for cooks like me… it would be great if you could add the number of people that can be served,…. I am bad with that.. so thought would let you know…”

Harish tastifies Spinach Rasam|Soppina Saaru|Mossappu – “Hi Madhuri,
I have to really appriciate this recipe…I tried this today, and it has a really superb taste! Thanks…please keep updating with the latest recipes.”

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal tastifies Sago (Sabudana) Idli – “Tried them dear and they came out beautifully !!!! Thanks for this wonderful recipe.”

PJ tastifies Baby-corn Manchurian – “Just now posted this recipe in my blog :) .Lil Angel loved it .Thanks for sharing…”

Shail tastifies Instant Guilt-free Banana Ice-cream– “I love all your recipes.. they’re really creative and delicious.. My hubby liked ‘Instant guilt-free banana icecream’ very much..Thanks for helping me out..”

Nivedita tastifies The 2-minute Chocolate Wonder-cake in a Mug – “Hi Madhuri, see, I took so many days to try this wonderful cake. Its a hit!! My two mistakes were, I added more salt and I tried to fit the batter in one mug and half the cake was on Microwave glass. But the taste is just too good. Going to bake it again with correct salt and making in two mugs. Thanks for such a lovely recipe.”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Kuttavalakki|Huli Avalakki|Gojju Avalakki – “Hi Mads, Hot hot feedback right after dinner! Made Huli Avalakki today for dinner! The tangy dish does something to the taste buds, which gives you a feel good factor.. Thanks a lot for this awesome recipe! We totally loved it!”

Bhagya Jain tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “Hey Madhuri! Perfect recipe…quick & yummy! Tried it out & came out just superb…will be preparing again for hubby’s bday! Thanks :)”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Oats Kharabhath – “Yummy yumm dinner today! Thanks to your Oats Khara bath.. :) The perfect taste of Kharabhath with a healthier option of oats.. Loved the taste! And to top it all Mads, Anand – the healthy food hater – liked it so much that he went for a second helping!! :) Thanks so much!!”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Phodanichi Poli – “Hi Mads, tried this today for an evening snack. Deliberately made some extra chapathis after dinner yesterday. Lovely snack to munch and enjoy.. Loved the peanuts (being a big peanut fan :) ).. Thanks for this lip smacking recipe.. !”

PJ tastifies Phodanichi Poli – “I made this yesterday and no one could guess its chapathi!!!Tasty dish, thanks for sharing”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Corn Pulao – “Hi Mads, I made this Corn Pulao for lunch today. Such a jiffy dish.. Was very mild and flavourful. We enjoyed it with yummy boondi raitha. Thanks for this.”

Vidya tastifies The 2-minute Chocolate Wonder-cake in a Mug – “Tried this… n ma son whoz a chocolate lover just enjoyed it!! Thks ya!!!”

Kalashree tastifies Corn Pulao – “Hi, I tried this recipe this morning. It really came out very well and liked by all. I made it bit spicy so that the corn doesnt make the rice very sweet. Good recipe! Cheers – Kala”

Archana tastifies Spinach Rice & the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “Hi Madhuri, Thanks for posting awesome recipes on your blog. As we had a long weekend, I had invited few of my friends over to my place and I had made egg-less cake and spinach pulav yesterday from your recipes. They appreciated quite a lot. I wanted to thank you for that. Keep posting more food stuff on your blog. Take care.”

Kshitija says – “I loved your site…it really helped when my mom was out of town n I had to worry about the cooking. I had fun trying out a few recipes, and they turned out great! Good work! Keep it going!”

Shaheen Fairoze tastifies Cabbage-Onion Soup – “Hey Madhuri, I tried the cabbage onion soup and guess what…everyone at home loved it, this happens whenever I cook some dish from CCN. Barley is indeed a very good option, my brother is …..slurping the soup while i’m writing this comment :)! Take care, Shaheen”

Deepti Pawar tastifies The 2-minute Chocolate Wonder-cake in a Mug – “Keeper Keeper Keeper! I made this small version becuz the gimme- chocolate-cake-now devil pounced on me this afternoon. And, I had leftover flax seed powder from the last time I made it. I made it and ate it and I cannot tell you the satisfaction I had.. Almost could feel my soul thank my taste-buds!! Danke Schone!!”

Deepti Pawar tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “I tried making this.. only change is I downsized it a tad bit and added Hershey’s chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder. Will post it on my blog soon…with due credit to CCN and you, of course!! You are a TRUE inspiration for me. I mean it! I am waiting for it to cool down as I type this comment…It is time for the mister to get home from work and the entire space is filled with the aroma of the delicious chocolate cake…What a welcome!! I shud have done this on our anniversary may be? :P Oh well, at least I have tried it now.. so I can do it again!! Thanks again babes!!!”

Prakruthi tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “Hey Mads…Thanks so so much for the recipe.. I made this for Pradipto’s birthday and people at home thought it was bought at a cake shop and being served. They didn’t believe it was home-made! All kudos to you!”

Shubhada tastifies the Eggless Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake – “Mads, thank you for this wonderful, healthy, less expensive, yummy, rich, sinful, decadent, easy-to-make (and I’m falling short of words) recipe. You have actually solved our ‘Whats for Dessert?’ puzzle..Thank you and keep posting such easy-peasy recipes :)”

Deepti Pawar tastifies Dilliwale Bhindi stir-fry – “Hey Madhuri! This turned out good… just that somehow I forgot to cook it in the microwave.. I chopped it and tossed it directly into the hot oil. Still, the end result ws pretty yummy!!”

Shubhada tastifies Dilliwale Bhindi stir-fry – “Thanks Madhuri, you really saved some time for me. It is a great accompaniment for some hot steaming rice.”

Archana Rajaiah tastifies Bubble Iced Lemon Tea – “Hey Madhuri, Tried the drink last evening… came out really well…I used honey instead of sugar.. and tat tasted yum too…Thanks for the amazing recipes… and keep them coming.. :)”

Rashmi Holla tastifies Moong-pakodi Sabzi – “I had book marked this recipe for sometime now and finally went about making it last night. It came out well. I followed the recipe to a ‘t’ except for adding a cup of chopped spinach- which I needed to use up, to the pakodi. And I guess I added a tad more salt than required but anyways we liked it a lot with rotis. Different from usual subzis. Husband thinks, it is along smiliar lines as gojju-aambode.
Thanks for sharing dear :)”

Shaheen Fairoze tastifies Neer-Dose I (Traditional) – “Hey Mads, I tried the Neer Dosa with Peanut chutney and potato sagu today for breakfast. They turned out really fine and all the dosas were ready to leave the tawa when I turned them over :) , unlike the several futile attempts earlier. It was a wholesome breakfast and everyone at home enjoyed it. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”

Rashmi Holla tastifies Aloo Makkai Sev di Tikki – “I made this on friday night since we had guests for dinner. For my regular aloo tikki(which is almost same…with the addition of palak and corn) I tried this crunchy topping. Needless to say it was a super hit! Thanks for sharing :)”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Aloo Makkai Sev di Tikki – “Hi Mads, Had some left over boiled Potatoes after last night’s Pav Bhaji, and I had promptly saved them for the tikki. Absolute Yum I should say! Very simple to make too and we gobbled it up.. But one thing, I couldn’t cover the tikki with bhujiya very evenly the way you have done it. Some part of it was still exposed here and there.Youors looks really neat. Tell me the secret :(”

Deepti Pawar tastifies Gobi Masaledaar – “I tried this today Madhuri. I finely chopped the tomatoes and onions instead of grating it…but it still tasted good. It did not look as good as your pic out here, though! Yum!”

Rachitha Ramprasad tastifies Tomato pickle|Tomato Thokku – “Hi Madhuri ….I tried this for lunch today along with piping hot rice. It was slurrrrrrrrppppp!!!!! just AWESOME….I thought I could relish it for another 2 days but not even a spoonful is left for dinner.”

Shaheen Fairoze tastifies Oats Kharabhath – “I made this Oats Kharabhath yesterday for one of my dad’s friend, he is a diabetic. He liked it soo much, mom said we should make this atleast once a week. :) thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”

Shaheen Fairoze tastifies Tomato pickle|Tomato Thokku – “Hey Madhuri, I prepared the tomato pickle and made the tomato rice out of it. Everyone at home, not only liked it but kept asking for more.”

Deepa Kishore tastifies Tomato pickle|Tomato Thokku – “Hey Madhuri, a big thumbs-up to your Tomato pickle…I tried it, was just yummmmm!!”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Instant (guilt-free) Banana Ice-cream – “Hi Mads, Made this for dessert tonight.. Freezed the ‘nanas in the morning.. Awesome simple recipe..Added some almonds and cashews too, as suggested by Gowri.. We are enjoying this one.. Thanks a ton! :)”

Surabhi Gawande tastifies Aloo Makkai Sev di tikki – “My roommate regularly follows your recipes! She recently made the aloo tikki and it turned out really awesome!! We are a set of roomies in LA and its fun to keep trying ur recipes!!”

Suma Rowjee tastifies Flourless Chocolate Cake – “Hey Madhuri! You got everybody drooling over this!! Thank you for guest-posting on my blog… enjoyed eating your delicious cake!”

Shwetha Ram tastifies Spinach-Cheese Pancakes – “The pancakes – soooooo awesome! I made a few improvisations, but the basic recipe was your’s. I added some veggies.. and some oregano. It had this total Italian thing going on. Mixed cheese spread into the batter. Served it with mashed potatoes and toast on the side, so…very continental feel to it. Didn’t have sour cream for the potatoes, so I made my own adjustments. All in all it was good, but couldn’t have done it without your help yeah?? Thanks. Hugs :)”

Rachitha Ramprasad tastifies Spinach-Cheese Pancakes – “Hi Madhuri…ur friend Sudha introduced me to ur blog. Must say simple yet very delicious and mouth watering recipes. I did try your Spinach Cheese pancake and it not only looked attractive but also left me craving for more :) U surely do inspire novices like me to cook more often.”

Deepti Pawar tastifies Microwave Tomato Rasam – “I tried this. Turned out great. My hubby din’t get to know that I tricked him with the amount of effort I put into this. Surely easy! Will remain in my regularly prepared home-food list for a long long time!! Its good when u have guests over too and when you have your hands full with a huge spread… esp. for lazy ppl like Moi!”

Tejaswini tastifies Oats Kharabhath – “My husband hates eating oats as porridge and this recipe inspired me to finish the oats lying in the kitchen cabinet! I tried this for breakfast today and it was yummmmm!! He loved it!!! Tweaked the recipe a lil though.. I had run out of green chillies, so instead of using red chillies / chilli powder, I added a dash of good old sambar powder.. It ended up tasting just like the Khara bath served in the Sagar chains :)

Divya tastifies Spinach-Cheese Pancakes – “Hey Madhuri…..me too a big fan of spinach. Tried this today and it came out real nice …and congrats on the 10000 hits…..like a lot of others I too benefit from your blog….this site helps me a lot in my experimentation of cooking. Thanks to you I’m now a little better cook.”

Ritika Wadhwa tastifies Microwave Tomato Rasam – “I tried this and it was really nice dear, thank you so much. It was so easy!”

Shaheen Fairoze tastifies Sago (Sabudana) Idli – “Hey Mads, I made the sago idlis, the taste is superrrr but they’re a little flat and soggy…like I said the rava was not enough I guess…but next time i’ll add some more and I’m sure they’ll be fine. Next i’m gonna try the spinach rice :) . I’m nostalgic already.”

Kishan & Teju tastify Bread Dahi-vada – “Hey Madhuri, tried your Dahi Paav in Paris, on a friday Evening! This turned out to be amazing.!!! We just loved it! Thanks, it was easy to make…”

Pushpa tastifies Gobi Masaledaar – “Hi Mads..this recipe came out really well..thanx!”

Maithili Kulkarni tastifies Mint Baby-corn Stir-fry – “I tried it today…as you mentioned last night, its truly “a walk in the park”!!! And its finger licking good….:) Keep it going girl… you inspire me to cook often….:)”

Sudha Narayanan tastifies Gobi Masaledaar – “Hi Madhuri, I tried this Gobi masaledaar today with some methi rotis.. It was simply awesome! We two totally enjoyed it..The process was so easy and the output was tasty!. Thanks for this recipe :)”

Pushpa tastifies Cheese n Onion Biscuits – “Hi Mads..i did try this out..it was bit crispy but after a while it became soft..wat mistake could it be? i m not able to figure it out..the taste was really good all liked it but only fact being soft.”

Savita Iyer tastifies Gobhi ke Paranthe & Masala Curd – “Hey! Cookcurry Nook is an awsome site!! :) Too tempting pics to resist! Made gobhi paranthas and your masala curds was a great idea!! Will try other recipies sooon!”

Manasa Dahiya tastifies Kuzhi paniyaram|Guntapanganalu|Paddu – “Guntapongalu came out excellent. Thanks for the recipe :)”

Anupama tastifies Bread Dahi-vada – “I tried this and it was awesome… simple yet yummy… saved the time that I take to think “what to cook for dinner” :-) … absolutely easy too…”

Rashmi Holla tastifies Spinach-Corn Bake – “Tried it finally on friday and it turned out very well..esp the crusty top!! yummmm…incidentally had garlic bread too at home!”

Pushpa tastifies Gobhi ke Paranthe & Masala Curd and Capsicum Masala – “Hey Mads..it came out very well..also the capsicum masala too..as one of ur friends suggested..not to add salt to filling n rather add for the paratha helped out really well..it was superb! all enjoyed it.”

Amar tastifies Bread Dahi-vada and Spinach-Corn Bake – “Dahi Pav was the most delicious dish. Good for peole who are health conscious. Next one is the Spinach-Corn Bake. Amazing!!”

Pushpa tastifies Vegan Chocolate Cake – “Hi Mads, thanks a lot for ur recipe…i was looking out for such eggless kind of cake recipes..it came out very well..u helped me explore my baking skills..good work..keep giving good recipes..luv”

Shubhada tastifies Bread Dahi-vada – “Hey Mads, I tried ur recipe and it tasted exactly like dahi wada…loved them and so did the hubby. Easy to make too..thanks for this awesome recipe babes!”


7 responses to “Tastymonials

  1. I tried your microwave cake in a mug.It came out well.It was a good place to start learning my baking skills.

  2. Madhuri, this is the first time I came across your blog and receipes. The no fry cauliflower manchurian was a pleasure to make, and more importantly, tasted spectacular. Thank you for posting your receipes and making the lives of the culinarily challenged, easier!

  3. Hey Madhuri…tried out the choco burfi.It turned out well.I used milk powder instead khova as i can feel less guilty… As you said it definitely gave my arms a good exercise while stirring…At the end of it the arm exercise paid off. Lovely burfis was the talk of the dinner party…thanx a lot.

    Hey, also i tried out the eggless sponge cake on Christmas..It was too good……I repeated the recipe a number of times to all my guests at home…as they were very curious to know if we could really prepare cakes with curds……Thanks a lot for all the recipes.

  4. Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  5. Hey Madhuri…tried out the choco burfi.It turned out well.I used milk powder instead khova as i can feel less guilty… As you said it definitely gave my arms a good exercise while stirring…At the end of it the arm exercise paid off. Lovely burfis was the talk of the dinner party… Thanx a lot!

  6. I tried the Basic Eggless Sponge cake recipe n it came out very nice. Thanks for sharing such an easy and wonderful recipe..


  7. Madhuri, I recently stumbled upon your website and I am so thrilled. I tried the Bisibele Bath and it was amazing. Will be trying more recipes soon.


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