Tales from Your Kitchen

Guest Posting is no unusual matter for most of you reading this I’m sure. But then, what you’re thinking is guest posting by other bloggers. Since quite a lot of that is already happening between blogger and blogger, and also since bloggers already have a space to showcase their content on, I’ve decided to take this one notch higher and give a platform to all my readers, read the ones who do not have a blog (yet!). So dear readers, this is for you, for you to showcase Tales from your Kitchen, and yes, I’m giving you just the platform you need, right here on CCN.

That being said, how are we going to get this to work? For starts, all you need to do is send me an email with the following details, and get to see an individually featured post with the ‘Tale from Your Kitchen’  –

  • Your Name
  • A small write-up – could be about you, or some trivia about the recipe/ingredients if any, or health facts about any of the ingredients/recipe, or a story/incident you would like to narrate which you are reminded of because of the recipe, etc…you get the drift. (Every one of us has a writer within, so go on and unleash him/her.)
  • Name of the Recipe (vegetarian only please, eggs allowed)
  • Detailed Recipe (Including detailed list of Ingredients with right proportions and a detailed Procedure)
  • A decent picture, atleast 600 pixels wide.

When I say decent picture, I mean something we can fathom of the recipe being talked about, so please don’t set your standards too high. Whatever works for you, works for all of us too. Just remember that no one’s perfect, and we’re all learning from each other. The purpose of starting this new feature on CCN is so you can show-off your culinary skills, but still not motivated to start a blog of your own yet. So in short, this is a chance for you to bring out the best of your kitchen tales to everybody out here, while I do the marketing for you! Yeah, I’ll be your very own PR alright. So think of this: You don’t have a blog, but you will still have readers from all over the world viewing your recipes, leaving you comments/queries/feedback/rave reviews and at the end of it all, it feels so good yeah? So come on then, whatcha’ waiting for? Don that apron, and hit the kitchen! I cannot wait to see who’s gonna be the first to share ‘Tales from Your Kitchen’ with us all. Go ahead, flood my inbox, create an uproar, and wow us all! I’m with you, all the way.

Working on these little things is just my way of showing you all how much you mean to me. This is the least I can do to show you my gratitude for your unwavering readership, and I hope this will be well-received by all of you. A sincere ‘Thank You’ for your continued support and patronage.

Love & Hugs!





10 responses to “Tales from Your Kitchen

  1. Wonderful!
    Great idea. All the best. Waiting for the first interview.

  2. Hey, this is a real cool idea 🙂 love it. Way to go girl.. Cant wait to send you my recipes too…

  3. Gr8 idea..will tell my friends about it.

  4. Wonderful idea Madhuri , maybe someday I would post something on it… although i’m not all that creative writer 🙂

  5. Such a cool idea! Now I sure wish I did not have a blog 😛
    I am awaiting the first post out here already.

  6. Fabulous idea Madhuri!!! Awaiting the first tale!!

  7. R.Pria Kaushik

    Love you loads Madhu..
    Wait for my recipe.. 🙂

  8. Now I know what it is!!Great idea Madhuri 🙂

  9. jayashri srinivasan

    Superb idea, Madhuri! But strangely, I’m completely short of story ideas/recipes/food anecdotes…But love the thought that I actually have a chance to see something I’ve written being put up.
    Waiting for inspiration…

  10. jayashri srinivasan

    Hey Madhuri,
    Took the time to go through the blog in detail just now. WOW! You’re doing a fab job! I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!!

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