Share a Recipe!

Do you have anything to share with us? If yes, please do post your recipe and submit it for everyone to see. Thanks so much in advance, for sharing and being a part of Cook-curry Nook!


3 responses to “Share a Recipe!

  1. Hi Madhuri,

    I think you might already be knowing this one,but still thought to share it. My family loves it:). The receipe is for Tomato Chutney.

    3 onions
    2 tomatoes
    2 dry red chillies(if you prefer it spicier). I normally put one.
    Some curry leaves


    Take some oil in the pan. Fry the onions till they are golden brown. Then put the Tomatoes and fry them.Simultaneously put the dry red chillies and curry leaves.
    Keep Frying them till they reach a jam consistency.Once done keep aside to cool.
    Then put it in the blender and grind them finely.

    After that take some oil in the pan. Put some mustard seeds,curry leaves and once it starts spluttering put it in the above mixture.


    • Hey Raji,
      Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with everyone here! Your’s is the first…Congrats! 🙂
      I do make a similar chutney, but its slightly different from this one. I will try your version soon.

  2. excellent

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