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Do you have a dish (vegetarian only), baked goodie or a dessert in mind, but don’t have a good, fool-proof recipe for it? I know so many of you ask/tell me about a recipe you need. Give me a nudge here and I’ll surely try and help you with it as soon as I can. This page serves as a gentle reminder in case I forget what you told me.


40 responses to “Request Recipe

  1. I want a recipe of choco lava cake made with Morde dark compound.

  2. Sahana Shekhar

    Hi Madhuri,
    Can you please give me the recipe for Navrathan Pulao, it is absolutely lip smacking and really drooling,i tasted it in a Mysore resort, The Chitravana Resort, it was so good that i visited the place again with a gap of just 3 days!! tried it out at home adding some fruits to the pulao while cooking it but it just turned out to be like our regular pulao but with some fruits!! I had even browsed the net then but with no result 😦 . Could you please share with me the recipe.

    I really love your Kokum juice, it is a great heat buster. Keep posting some more of your healthy food recipes.


  3. Sudha Narayanan

    Mads, can you post the recipe for ‘Corn Halwa’? Thanks!!

  4. Sudha Narayanan

    Mads, Can you post the recipe for authentic ‘Iyengar Puliyogare’ similar to what we get in temples? Thanks in advance..

  5. Sure, Udit and Sudha…will try and post them all soon.

  6. Hey, we want to try your ginger-capsicum fried rice…u mention the baby-corn manchurian. Can we have the recipe for manchurian as well??? Its pic sure looks yummm 😀 😀

    • Surabhi, I’ve posted the Baby-corn Manchurian today. Was supposed to do it yesterday itself, but since I had 10 people over for a party at home last night, I got busy getting things ready for dinner. Do try it out and let me know if you guys liked it. Happy Cooking 😀

  7. Can you post Punjabi Choley recipe please

  8. Hey Mads! Can u put up some paneer dishes? I wud so love to try some rich paneer recipe by you 😉

  9. Hey Mads wanted a recipe for vangibath. If you cud post it, it wud be grt!

  10. hey madhuri,
    i want the recipe of the simple yellow sponge cake that
    they make in iyengar bakery.

  11. hey. .i would like the recipe for eggless chocolate cake which can be made using curd. and also for honey chilli potatoes.

  12. Hey Mads,
    This was the day of your wedding. I was sitting next to your aunty for breakfast. They served us with real soft idlys and a typical Tamil style chutney pudi – guess you call it Mozhagapudi…
    I know how to make the Kannada style chutney pudi, could you give me the recipe of your style ??

    • Kruthi,
      Yeah, what they served you at breakfast at my wedding was Idli and Mizhagaipodi indeed! I have the recipe, and I’ll be making it soon cos we’ve run out of it. A few other people have asked me for it too, so I’ll definitely post it once I’ve made it 🙂

  13. I want the rusk recipe that we get in the Blore bakeries 🙂

  14. Hi Madhuri,

    Hats off to you on the neat work 😀
    I have tried almost all the pastry recipes on your site and I can vouch that they are really Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb!!
    I recently had the Quesadilla at Taco Bell, Mantri Mall. My husband and I loved it a lot. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease recreate that magic recipe and post it on your site. Next month is my wedding anniversary and i want to cook this up as a surprise dish for my husband. So please please post that recipe as soon as possible Madhuri. Would be really happy if you do so 😀


    • Hey Deepa,
      Firstly, thanks so much for your precious feedback. Glad to know the recipes worked for you. Do send me pictures of your pastries if possible. I would love to share it with the other readers on your behalf.
      I will definitely try and post the quesadilla. I havent tried making it so far, but let me see what I can do.

  15. Recipe/s for Smoothies please.

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Hey Madhuri,
    Gentle reminder for the Quesadilla recipe: -))))))))

  17. loved your website, happy to know u too are die hard bangalore lover….can you help me know how to cook dill rice.

  18. Can you post the recipe for Benne Biscuit which are made in Iyengar Bakeries…Thanks
    in Advance

  19. Hey Mads! Me and mommy were looking at ur awesome pics and recipies in the site 🙂 Mommy heard that u make very good manga shaadon… If time permits kindly post ur way of manga rice recipie! 😉 Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  20. hi madhuri .. can u tell me whether cake can be baked on a pressure cooker… i know this might be stupid of me to ask it.. but i have a electric rice cooker and pressure cooker as of now 😦 love to try baking cakes and breads…. help me if you can.. thanks 🙂

  21. hi madhuri

    can u plz give the receipe of eggless swiss roll plz,.

  22. Receipe of the reddish sambar that we get with the idly/masala dosa in Bangalore hotels, please !

  23. Hello Madhuri,
    Can you please paste chats recipes ( Pani Puri,Masala Puri etc…).

  24. Hello Madhuri!
    Which oven do you use? Will the recipes mentioned work fine in an OTG? I recently bought a 52L Morphy Richard OTG to start baking which i always wanted to. Please help!
    Thanks in advance.

    I loved your photography blogs. You are very creative and unique. I pushed my work aside in the office reading your blogs and skimming through recipes.

  25. Can u send me the recipe for white forest cake ? Really soft spongy cake

  26. Hey Madhuri, just love your blog…..My daughter, Aradhna has fallen in love with it hook line and sinker….This Summer she has found a way to survive her hols, thanks to your blog. All of 13, she feels encouraged to try her hand at all the baking goodies. She would be happy if you could give the recipe for Red Velvet Cake. Thanks

    • That is so kind of you, Malathi! Thanks so much, you’ve made my day!
      Are you guys in Bangalore? Your daughter could come to my Baking Workshop. I’d be more than happy to teach her.

  27. I want recipe of plum cake like Bangalore Iyengar bakery

  28. madam can u pl post some of the receipes that we can make out of bracoli

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