Cook-curry Tips

These are just some cookery tips which I thought everyone would find useful. Some might already be known to you, some may not. I will keep adding more and more as and when I can.
You could contribute too! Feel free to email me your tip and I can add it here on your behalf, or alternately, you could even pen it down as a comment on this page.
  • Kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves) added to gravies (not more than 1 tsp) enhances the taste but a little extra may turn the gravy bitter.
  • To thicken gravies and also add flavour to the gravy, grind 1-2 tbsp of soaked cashew nuts or almonds or magaz (watermelon seeds) or chironji to a fine paste. Add to the gravy and relish the difference it makes.
  • If your gravy becomes too salty, make a few small balls of atta (chappati dough) and put them in the gravy. Give 2-3 boils. Let them remain for some time in the curry. Before serving remove these balls which have absorbed the extra salt.
  • When adding curd to curries, always remember to beat the curd. Remove the masala from fire when adding the curd or milk to the masala. Stir well to mix. Return to low heat.
  • To preserve chopped onion for 3-4 hours, apply salt to it, wash it in water & squeeze out water.
  • Place 5-6 pieces of the Clove spice or Laung in the sugar and semolina jars. This will keep them free from ants.
  • Let the tadka cool before mixing it with raitas which contain yoghurt /curd.
  • To remove skin of garlic cloves easily, apply little oil to them.
  • While making chapattis, place a kitchen towel under the rolling board. This way the board will not slip and you will be able to roll faster!

7 responses to “Cook-curry Tips

  1. Nice tips, Madhuri! Here is one that I’d like to contribute.

    -Soaking fresh methi/fenugreek leaves in slightly salted water reduces the bitter flavour. Do so, before you use/chop the leaves for any preparation.

  2. Sahana Shekhar

    Helpful tips is one from from my side:
    while roasting the dried red chillies (either the byadagi or the guntoor) add few curry leaves, this will absorb the hot smoke erupted from the chillies. You will certainly stop coughing, for sure. Try this out.

  3. To avoid tears while chopping onion, sit under a fan. But do not forget to swith on the fan. But in a closed room, all others present in the room might start weeping 🙂

  4. Sudha Narayanan

    Here’s one from me. Place the small onions in the Microwave for 10-15 seconds before peeling them. They get peeled in a jiffy. The cumbersome task is simplified! 🙂 I do this all the time.

  5. eatingmatters

    Wow! I didn’t know adding chapati atta could reduce the saltiness in food. I m going to try it next if my food gets salty. I used to add chopped potato till now.

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