Hi there! I’m Madhuri, the face behind this blog. I’m a passionate foodie, cook, baker, writer. My hope for your visit here is to be enticed by delectable recipes, inspired by delicious photography, and armed with increased food knowledge. I want you to leave with the insatiable urge to run into your kitchen and whip up whatever you have seen here, and the confidence to know that you can do it. Growing up, the kitchen was always the hub of activity – it’s where everyone gathered to talk, eat, and share life while great food was being created. I am so happy to have you here in my virtual kitchen and hope you’ll be back again and again, and again. Thank you for visiting!

A little about Me

I live in Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley, in the heart of South-India. A Retail Designer by profession, I’m rabid about Branding, Behavioural Economics and how people behave in the Shopping Environment, and How these impact the Store Design Process in turn.

Music is my middle name, and as long as I’m awake, there’s music around me…be it my iPod playing, the radio, or even just me, humming away. I’m totally kicked about Classic Rock, Reading fiction titles in one go even if it means staying up till 2am, Chubby Babies with toothless grins, Dogs & cuddly Puppies, Chocolate, Iced-tea, Good ol’ filter kaapi, Ice-cream, Muskmelon, Strawberries, Learning new languages, Shopping, Chunky junk-jewellery, Crockery & Cutlery, Embroidery and various forms of hand and craft work, Designing and making my own salwar suits,  Mehendi on my hands, Collecting Cookbooks, Going for long ‘n laid back swims in the pool, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Sketching and doodling, Photography and Travel, in no particular order. Gadget junkie. Self-confessed Foodie. Frantic Chocoholic. Sleep-talker. Perfectionist. Highly OCD-ed. Singer. Chatter-box. Avid Reader. Pacifist. Easily bored. Sensitive. Love Bangalore to death. Love the colours Yellow, Pink & Black. And needless to say, I looooooove to cook and bake. I find them both very therapeutic. Cooking and Baking along with Music are what kindle the fire in me, and my liaisons with all three started pretty early in life.

Food and Me

I have no formal training in cooking/baking, and everything I’ve learned has been through my folks and good cooks in the family/friends’ circle, my own experiments, reading and research. Amma, Daddy and my doting maternal grandmother Nani are the 3 main people responsible for my being a true blue foodie and a decent cook/baker.

I come from a Tambrahm family that is obsessed with their food. Ever heard of the term ‘Saappaattu Raman’? That’s Tamizh for ‘gourmand’. Yes, so our entire family consists of saappaattu ramans. And good cooks to boot. We love to eat, we love to cook. Needless to say, both Amma and Daddy are brilliant in the kitchen, and all the small things I pay attention to while cooking, I have picked up from them. Much like most girls, I would watch Amma at work in the kitchen in complete awe right from the time I was old enough to hang around her apron strings. I would always dream of being able to cook like her once I grew up. Everyone that came home would be ever in praise of Amma’s culinary skills. Sometimes, I would wonder how she managed everything – the home, us kids, cooking, cleaning, and everything there is to running a successful home and keeping it cheerful all the time. I vowed to be like Amma when I grew up, at least in the kitchen for starts. That’s how it all began…my love story with the pots and pans, the cutlery and crockery, the tantalising aromas and flavours, and everything there is to the Art of Cooking. Daddy contributed to my love for cooking too. He loves to experiment with new ingredients and new dishes, and all his experiments are big hits. We have always loved being his lab-rats. Whenever he was experimenting in the kitchen, he would call me to be his sous-chef and I would gladly hang around in the kitchen with him, and that’s how I learnt some really good tricks of the trade. Thank you Amma and Daddy! I owe it all to you both.

The Blog

I love to talk. I love to cook. I love to talk about what I cook. I also love to spread the love I have for the culinary art. I reckoned that an online recipe guide seemed like the perfect pool for other foodies to come and take a dip in, and that is how ‘Cook-curry Nook’ was born.

The word ‘Cook-curry’ in the blog name is actually a pun for ‘Cookery’, and that’s how it works. I hear people refer to/call the blog by different names like “Cook and curry nook”, “Curry nook”, “Cooknook”, etc. Please don’t kill the name. Some thought has definitely gone into it, and I wish for my baby to be known the way it was christened.

What you can hope to see on the Blog
A mixed bag of the choicest of Lacto-ovo vegetarian/vegan recipes that include healthy daily eats, special and rich recipes covering different courses in varied cuisines, the occasional bout of sugar-rush and my favourite bakes, both simple and advanced. And since we are just the two of us living at home, I always cook for two people plus a little extra just in case. So unless otherwise mentioned, most of the recipe proportions on the site would cater to two good eaters.

I would still urge you to use the recipes only as a guideline unless we’re talking about recipes to do with baking. The reason being that your palate can be completely different from mine. You never know. Do come back and let me know how a recipe from here turned out for you. Good or bad, I would love to know. If its good, we can give out a loud whooping cheer together. If it isn’t, ask nicely, and I would be more than happy to help you figure out what went wrong to the best of my knowledge. However, you must also understand that I wasn’t physically present when you cooked/baked a dish from here and may not be able to help completely every time. Rude and nasty comments are completely un-called for. I will most willingly turn a completely blind-eye towards them.

I keep brewing from my cook-pot often, so do take a peek every now and then. I certainly hope to see you around here a lot. So make yourself comfortable, settle into that seat of yours, put on that seat belt, and gear up for a delectable gastronomical journey you’re not going to forget in a hurry.

Photography and Me

Much like cooking and baking, I have no formal training in photography. Taking random pictures during road trips, parties and get-togethers is one thing, but food photography is another thing altogether. Food Photography was so challenging to me at first, I thought I would die of shame because of the pathetic pictures I took for my first post here. I gradually learned along the way, through practice and careful observation of other food and photography blogs. My food photographs were horrendous when I started the blog. Though it greatly pains me, I try not to remove too many of my beginner’s photographs because I think it is important to realise that everyone starts somewhere and has the potential to improve.

Between October 2009 when I started the blog and January 2011, I used a Canon Powershot A720s point-and-shoot camera for all of my photos. Between January and September 2011, I used a Nikon D70s with a 18-70mm Nikkor kit lens. I now use a Nikon D5100 and shoot mostly in diffused sunlight without any artificial lighting. I use a 18-55mm Nikkor lens kit that came with the camera, and sometimes I even use a 55-200mm Nikkor telephoto zoom lens. I recently picked up a 50mm prime lens and yes, totally loving it!

Freelance Work

Do you like the pictures you see here? I am available for freelance work as a food writer/food photographer. Do Write to me, and we’ll take it from there.

Connect with ME

If you have a specific question about a recipe that I have posted, please leave a comment on that post. If you have a question there’s a good chance that at least one other person might have the same question. By posting your question in the comments section (and having my reply posted there), it will benefit others who are planning to make the same recipe.

If you have any recipe requests, please leave me a comment here. At the same time, please understand that run this blog is not the only thing I do, and there could be times when I cannot comply to your recipe requests immediately. I request you to be patient with me.

For any other questions, comments, feedback, or inquiries, please free to connect with me through any of the following mediums:

Email: cookcurrynook (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: @cookcurrynook
Facebook: Become a Fan (“Like”)

Do take your time to browse through the site. I hope enjoy your stay here just as much as I enjoy cooking, photographing, and writing for you. Bon Appetit!


67 responses to “About

  1. First time in your site….Delicious recipies with excellent clicks.

  2. Awesome Madhuri…I’m a decent cook but always lost for ideas… now i know where to go 🙂

  3. Avarekalu Saaru & Raagi Mudde…had me drooling all over. Its been ages since I have had Avarekalu Saaru. Wish I could find it here.
    Awesome site!!

  4. Vijay Ramamurthy

    Very cool site with nice recipes.

  5. My mouth is watering already! Any chance you have more soup recipes? Anything helps to keep warm during Toronto winters 🙂

  6. Totally Lurrrrrv your food blog. Has me drooling everytime I visit it with amazing pics of the most delicious recipes Ive ever known. Keep up the great work…and, psst…pass me ur address so I can pay you (ahem, your food) a visit the next time Im in Bangalore.

    Oh and did I forget to mention, Im hungry everytime I check back. You always have something creative going on here.

    Everything that you have in here has inspired me to make some good eats… and now!! 😀 Im a foodie but I dont like making daily/regular dishes. But visitng your blog helps me refuel myself with some enthusiam for the oh-so-frequent ‘what-shall-I-cook-today?’ moment!

    • Deepti, thanks so much for those words of encouragement. It inspires me even more to make you all drool. Will mail you the address so you can drop by to pay me errr…my food a visit anytime! 😉

      Makes me really glad to hear that Im helping refuel your enthusiasm in the daily cooking acts. Keep it going! 🙂

  7. Great place for me to drooooool…. and wish our pot-luck happens quickly!!

  8. Interesting site. I came to know thro my SIL Ranjini (B’lore)

  9. Nagashree A Rao

    Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!

  10. Hey Madhuri

    Sakkath website kane. Your website is so much helpful for an amateur cook like me.
    I will try out one of your dish this weekend and post the result if possible.
    Take care

  11. It was nice to know you from this page. Good posts and well updated. Thanks!

  12. Hi Madhuri! Got your blog link from Deepti’s blog. And I must tell you I loved your blog!! Loved the new recipes.. Keep the great work going.

  13. You are such an awesome writer. It really makes us read more and in turn we learn a lot by doing so. Keep up the good work. To me you are the “Internet Cookery Queen”. All the best for your future ventures!

    • Sahana, it is so sweet of you to say that. Im really humbled by your words. Thanks too, for all the encouragement. It is people like you who keep me going! I will do my best to satiate all your taste buds 😀 Do check back often!

  14. Jayashree Rajan

    Hi Madhuri,
    I happened to see your site and wrote down your ‘aloo capsicum’recipe.Then got interested in knowing abt you n your site esp after seeing your pretty face! You seem like a lovely human being n it feels nice to ‘meet’ someone like you,if one can call it that,even in this manner.If you have the recipe for the basic north indian potato sabzi with gravy,would you pls post that here? I know its very simple but better to try it armed with an authentic recipe right? 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with the world.Beautiful pics,great recipes n well presented! Keep up the good work!

  15. Hi Jayashree,
    It was such a pleasant surprise to read your comment and it had me really really touched. You are very kind with your words. Thanks so much for your patronage.
    I do happen to make a potato sabzi with a nice gravy which can be made either rich or plain simple. I would be more than happy to share both variants with you and all the other readers here. Since I haven’t made it in a really long time, your request gives me the perfect excuse to dish it up 😉 I promise to make mine with baby potatoes to make it more drool-worthy. I’ll get the baby potatoes soon.

    Once again, you made my day! Do keep coming back for more n more drooling…

    Loadza’ Love

  16. Jayashree Rajan

    Hi Madhuri,
    Glad to hear that i made ur day.Feels good to make someone happy..I could relate to many things abt you esp the music bit. I always say that i can listen to Saigal n hard rock with equal enjoyment,the way you do.Music,like love or a smile,has no barriers whatsoever, n a true music lover can enjoy every form of it.I call it ‘soul food’! My mom was a gold medalist in carnatic music n was taught by Chembai vaidyanatha bhagacathar alongside,p.leela who later became a playback singer. He used to visit our home in kerala when i was very young n i still have a fotogragh of him with my parents,with me.Unfortunately they are no more and both passed away very early in life..

    My husband grew up in the north n ‘taters’ r his fav food,in face he eats little else! He keeps talking abt simple aloo sabzi with gravy. i found a few recipes on the net but decided to wait for yours. Will i get the notification by email this time? I made your aloo capsicum for dinner tonite n it came out very well.My dau who’s down from Chennai loved it! Thanks once again!Take care..

    • Hi Jayashree,
      So nice of you to say that. Yes, it sure feels good when you can make someone happy, don’t you? 🙂
      We seem to share our tastes in music and parental fame with Carnatic music too! Amma was the State Rank holder in Carnatic Music and its thanks to her and Daddy that I’ve developed a ear for all genres of music. Amma and I suddenly break into a song all of a sudden, right in the middle of a conversation, and my poor husband wonders what’s wrong with the whole family ‘cos Daddy joins in too 🙂 Oh, and we’re always discussing food! We obsess with it 🙂
      It was great knowing a little about you and your family. Im sure your Amma must have been a great singer to have had the honour of getting trained by such renowned singers. Do you sing too? Im sure you do!
      It’s great to know you enjoyed the aloo-capsicum…it’s what I do when I’m really hard-pressed for time. And to tell you the truth, I share the love for ‘taters’ with your husband! I can eat them anytime of the day, any time of year. My idea of perfect comfort food: Rasam chaadam and potato fry! (And ofcourse, the tam-brahm in me cannot do without thayrinchaadam to wind up the meal!)
      I promise to post your husband’s comfort food soon so you can wow him. Im sure you will get an email notification (I see you’ve signed up for it). If not, I will definitely send you an email once I’ve posted it, so you can come take a peek. Done deal? 🙂

  17. Jayashree Rajan

    Hi Madhuri,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply,you must be definitely pressed for time ,what with your work and the site and cooking etc. Nice to know your amma’s a carnatic music singer too .I felt very wistful when i read abt both of you breaking into song,happy for you touch wood!, felt a twinge of self pity for myself,amma passed away when i was 13 n father when i was 4..Treasure your parents and your time with them..They are our guardian angels here on earth.

    When Chembai used to come home,amma used to make me sing,saying she has ‘nalla vasana’ for music.After she passed away noone took much interest,tho i did study music till the 10th or so.Then ,later after my kids,i’d started lessons again but had to stop cos my steroid inhaler had affected my voice n it was a very big strain on the vocal chords.But like you,there’s always music playing in my room n keep humming n singing most of the time…

    I got a basic aloo recipe from a friend who was brought up in the north ,tried it n it was good.Still,i’d love to see your recipe too.Your comfort food ,aloo fry rice n curd is on our lunch menu every single day! Told you my hubby needs aloo fry every day n is not too adventurous food wise,but at the same time very fussy abt the taste,it has to be ‘just right’! the way his mom makes it! She is a very good cook but i come from a family where we always had a cook n my mom only used to make special dishes,once in a while. I knew nothing when i got married but then wrote down mom in law’s recipes n learnt a bit.I keep a maid for cooking,since i’m not really used to that and i find daily cooking rather monotonous, but i do enjoy making spcl dishes for Rajan n the kids. Food is very imp here in my home too,one of the reasons we’re all on the plump side! 🙂

    So,deal pal! You take care..

  18. My roommate regularly follows your recipes ! She recently made the aloo tikki and it turned out really awesome!!
    We are a set of roomies in LA and its fun to keep trying ur recipes!!

    • Hey Surabhi! Thanks so much…glad to know you all try the recipes from here and enjoy them! I know your roomie is my very own cousin Putski! She did tell me she was gonna try the tikkies. Im sure she made them all yummy 🙂
      Have fun cooking y’all!

  19. First time here and love the recipes! Will be sending across entries for your event.

    Aliena Varghese

    • Thanks very much Aliena! Do check back here often.
      Looking forward to receive your entries. I hopped onto your space as well, and really loved it. Keep them coming 🙂

  20. U have a lovely space dear, came to know thro EC.

  21. Hi Madhuri,
    so nice to meet you.. you are a vibrant n enthusiastic person.. felt good to read about your family.. n u call ur better half as bitter half too.. hmm

  22. Nice to know about you.. all your clicks are awesome.

  23. Hi, nice to meet you !

  24. Hi Madhuri!
    Wonderful recipes :)Really helpful..im gonna try out the mini idlis with sambhar this weekend…All the recipes that i hv tried so far from ur blog have made my hubby say “Hmmmm…..Yum Yum “.
    Thanks 🙂

  25. Buddy you have a lovely blog and I am liking the pics a lot. Damn neat and attractive outlook. Looking forward to see more from you 🙂

  26. Heya Madhuri!!Pretty lurvely, your blog!! :0) I will definitely be returning everytime I see a new recipe!! :0) Btw, quick question – do you use a light box/tabletop setup to take your pix?! They’re pretty great!! :0)


  27. Heya Madhuri!! Lemme ask you something totally random, and absolutely NOT food-related – how many people call you Mads, or at least ASK you if they can call you that?! 😛

    Thanx for visiting my page again!! 😀 Its always good to know that your work is being viewed (and hopefully appreciated!), by at least one person(s) 😛

    We are based in Blre for the time being. Can’t say I really like this place anymore. You see, I lived in India for just about three years growing up, and that too in Blre. And WHAT a place it was then. WOW. Now? Not so much!! Things are getting from bad to worse. OK…. sorry I rambled there!! 😛

    What about you?! Where d’yu live?!

    Also, temme temme, do you use a light box for your piccies?! 😛

  28. First visit on ur site…I must say nice blog n superb collection of recipes…nice work!!!

  29. Wow………. such a wonderful site..i just fell in love with it. really impressed with your presentation.. awesome job!

  30. I loved your site…it really helped when my mom was out of town n I had to worry about the cooking. I had fun trying out a few recipes, and they turned out great!
    Good work! Keep it going!

  31. Hi Madhuri,
    Thanks for posting awesome recipes on your blog. As we had a long weekend, I had invited few of my friends over to my place and I had made egg-less cake and spinach pulav yesterday from your recipes. They appreciated quite a lot. I wanted to thank you for that. Keep posting more food stuff on your blog. Take care.

  32. Hey Mads,

    Just love your new look, your website looks complete…and so user friendly…gr8 work babes…keep up the gr8 work, you sure are inspiring a lot of ppl…!!

    loads of luv,

  33. Words possibly couldn’t do justice to Madhuri’s cooking. And also, probably the right word that could explain the quality of her cooking cannot possibly exist as taste is something that is to be experienced…And I am proud to be one among those who has had the opportunity to have gone through the wonderful experience. All I can say is she is a wonderful “Chef”. I have been a fan of her cooking ever since I ate at her place. We have had some lovely moments of food indulgence in all kinds of cuisines as it came to our minds and she has been so good at putting them up together. Will cherish all those memories forever!! And thank you so much for satiating my taste buds when I am around you…Good luck !!

  34. Anupama Krishnamurthy

    Dear Madhuri,
    I absolutely love your blog. Thanks to facebook, I now have your eggless chocolate cake recipe too. I have bookmarked quite a few of your recipe to try…


  35. Hi madhuri, I found your site wonderful, and intend to try quite a few recipes…I was amazed at the award winning cake made in microwave, I have never cooked or baked in microwave..it looks lovely. I will try it.

  36. Hi very nice posts you have…very nice collection. Im sure it all tastes just as nice!

  37. A very good site for some new recipes…waiting to try them out!

  38. Hi !

    I like your passion for food and blog writing. I work for a Swedish social media company which has clients in India as well. I am looking for some great food and wine blog writers. Our members attend food and wine tasting events for free and blog about them and their blogs are linked to our european and Indian websites.

    If you would like to know more or be a member and attend an event coming up in New Delhi this November, please reply to me at sarah@spotandtell.se

    Look forward for your reply.

  39. Hola Senora!!

    Count me among the legions of fans you have acquired! Amazing blog and superb snaps of mouth-watering yummies!

    Preethi was super-inspired and stirred up creamy spinach soup last evening – was super awesome!!

    Thank you! Keep blogging!


  40. Hi Madhuri,

    My first time at ur blog! I must tell u that i m ABSOLUTELY in love with ur blog! U’ve made up an awesome space here.. Kudos to u! I know it take soooo much of effort to maintain a blog n u r doin it perfectly well! I have just started a blog and a blog like this is an inspiration! Thanks! 🙂

  41. Dear Madhuri,
    First time in your blog, its really awesome with nice recipes n great pics of them!! Going to try a lot of your recipes soon. Look so easy to prepare n its really tempting. Would comment on them too. Very good effort, keep it going!!!

  42. hi saw ur comment on nagsblog abt that spice box can u pls tell me where can i pick it up?

    TIA and a great blog!!

  43. Hi…tumbled into your blog….. !!!
    Lovely blog…. hope so will browse n try some of your recipes …!!

  44. Hi Madhuri,
    First of all, let me congratulate you for having such a wonderful site.The pictures are pure eye-candy. I am new to baking and stumbled on your blog looking for egg-less recipes. I am now hooked to your site and browsing through your recipes has become one of my favourite pass time. Well, its not just browsing. I intend to try them as much as I can. In the meanwhile, I was looking for some one to guide me in setting up the basic requirements for baking and I feel you are the best person to ask. I couldnt find your email Id , hence this entry in your guest book.
    Will you please let me know if a 17 ltr electric oven serve the purpose for baking at home? And what are the must- haves in the kitchen for baking? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks a ton!!

  45. Dear Madhuri di,
    I wanted to know if i can make whipped cream in a normal mixer cz i dont have a hand blender/whisk…
    plz do reply soon.


  46. Love your blog!

  47. That is really attention-grabbing, You are an excessively skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and stay up for in the hunt for more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

  48. Hi Madhuri, I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog while I was browsing through some food blogs and recipes. I love all the pictures and simple recipes that I was able to go through. I am kinda addicted your blog now….haha. I am a total newbee in food blogging. Pls. do visit my page.

  49. Dear Madhuri,
    Do check my latest post because I have an award for you.


  50. Deepti Chandramouli

    Hi Madhuri,
    First time to your blog. Stumbled upon it while looking for Akki rotis.
    Nice to see it. I share a few common interests too. Photography , baking. Keep the good work up.

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