‘Sweet Somethings’

Where have I been for the last 4-5 months? What have I been upto? Why did I disappear all of a sudden? I’m sure you’ve been wondering. Oh yes, I’m guilty as charged. Here’s why: My health had turned into a sad state of affairs after a severe E.coli infection in my body that began 7 months back. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in and out of hospital the last few months. While that was the bad news, there’s good news too. First,  although recovery has been a dreadfully slow process, I’m starting to feel better now, and hopefully no more sabbaticals once I’m back to being in the pink of health. Second, I’ve managed to work on a few ‘Sweet Somethings‘ whenever my health sporadically permitted me the time and energy that my work warrants. A new achievement for me has been learning the art of sugar-craft, and on my own. That being said, I give a lot of credibility to my mentor and BFF Mittu who’s brilliant at sugar-craft. She not only constantly motivates me to learn something new each day, but also helps with sparking off creative ideas for my orders even with living on the other side of the world from where I live.  Mittu, a big thank you for everything you’ve helped with so far, and for what’s to come in the future as well. You deserve one big hug, and a huge cake of your favourite Pineapple Pastry from me!

Would you all like to see the kind of work the novice sugarcraft-er in me has been churning out? Well, have at it then. The pictures are in chronological order from the time I first started working on fondant orders earlier this year.

Spoiler: Heavy-drool alert. You’re better off with a bib around your neck before you scroll down. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Monkey Themed Cake: My first fondant cake! Moist chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and hand-crafted chocolate fondant monkey wearing a party-hat and holding heart-shaped balloons, surrounded by his favourite snack – bananas! Made this for a 1-year-old baby boy.
I used store-bought fondant for this order. However, was not too happy with the quality and started making my own fondant after that, and continue to do so. Nothing like home-made fondant really.

Pink, Teal and Lavender Themed cake: Strawberry Cake with vanilla buttercream with pink, teal and lavender circles in fondant, for a cherub-y 1-yr old girl. I wasn’t very happy with the finish of this cake. However, every project is a learning and I know I’m gradually getting a better foothold on the quality of my fondant work with each passing day.

Bheem Bheem, Chota Bheem! This fellow is such a rage with the kids, it’s nothing short of madness. This was a Strawberry cake with Vanilla buttercream frosting with fondant topper and fondant decorations, for a 3-year old girl.

Monkey-themed Cake: My first fully fondant-covered cake, thanks to Mittu who was in India at that time. Before she taught me how to cover a cake with fondant, I used to get petrified at the thought of doing it. Now that I know how to, there’s no looking back. Mittu and I worked together on this order and we made the main cake and topper, and 50 cupcakes with individual chocolate fondant monkey-face toppers in less than 24 back-breaking hours. Yes, we had a bakers’ night out and what fun that was! Thank you for working with me on this Mittu. XX! 🙂

Moist Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate fondant monkey toppers.

Baby Shower Cake: Coffee cake with coffee buttercream frosting, covered with fondant and home-made fondant toppers. Baby with pacifier in the mouth and peeking from under a blanket, baby booties, diaper pins, rattle, feeding bottle, prams, buttons, all hand-crafted, from scratch.

I also made Chocolate Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and customised cupcake toppers: Baby-booties in pink and blue, large and small buttons in pink and blue.

Baby’s Toys Themed 2-tier Cake: Moist Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttercream, covered with and decorated with home-made fondant toppers. The client sent me a few pics of her 1-year old’s favourite toys, and I replicated 3 of them in fondant as toppers for the cake. What made me happiest was that the kid looked at Mr. Snail and smiled, which meant he recognized it. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. That made my day.

Fashionista Cake: Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and personalised fondant toppers.
From top (clock-wise): Lipstick, Chanel clutch, Mirror, Earrings, Nail-paint, Perfume, Hair-brush, Stilettos.

Customised Cake for the Chinoy family: Dark Chocolate Cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and personalised fondant decorations.

Poker Themed Cake: Vanilla Cake with Blueberry buttercream frosting and personalized fondant elements – cards, poker chips, dice and other poker elements.

Gym Themed Cake: Vanilla Cake with Irish coffee frosting and personalized fondant toppers for a fitness freak – trampoline, skipping rope, dumb-bells, man exercising.

Race-car and Coconut tree Themed Cake: Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate fudge buttercream frosting, covered with chocolate fondant and personalized race-car and coconut tree toppers.

Baby-girl Turns one: Dark Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge buttercream frosting, with top of the cake covered in fondant and personalized toppers – Teddy holding balloons, and a baby with pacifier peeking from under the blanket. I also made my first ribbon roses (seen on either side of the message on the cake).

These are some of the cakes with sugarcraft that I’ve made in the last few months. I also did some customized cupcake orders, pictures of which I’ll share in my next post and soon.  Till then drool all you like on these creations, and do also let me know what you think of the work. To see pictures of all my works, head over to the official Sweet Somethings Facebook fan-page, and you will not be disappointed!

I’ve been on a hiatus in the recent past but I’m now almost ready to accept orders once again. So if you or your loved ones wants to try any of the goodies I make, you can get in touch with me on sweetsomethings.info@gmail.com or give me a tinkle on +918197884105.

So until the next time then…

Much love,


16 responses to “‘Sweet Somethings’

  1. Good to see you back Madhuri 🙂

  2. Good to see an update here Madhuri.. Hope you are feeling much better.. The cakes are looking absolutely drool worthy.. One can see the gradual improvement… Kudos to you! Cheers

  3. Wow! Amazing stuff Madhuri.. Its great that you’ve managed to make so many awesome cakes in spite of your ill health… Loved all of them…

  4. i am absolutely jaw-droppingly wowed. great job!

  5. hello mads hope u r doing good now.ur pics n cakes r tooo too good.take care.

  6. Oh wow!!!! Amazing, i m going up and down to see it again!!!! Love thse Monkey Cupcakes, so cute!!!! Take care of your health dear!!!!

  7. What a fantastic post. Each and every cake is a perfect example how you grew into a super-duper baker. Last year this time, I don’t even think you must have guessed that you would be whipping up orders like these that too with fondant. I am so proud of you. Sharing this post with my oracle bangalore group. We never know, it might give few more orders. 🙂

    Keep up the good work babes and we are all with you in this. Love to you and Mittu,


  8. Great stuff! You can actually see the way things have improved… jumped infact. Good going and wishing you loads of success… 🙂

  9. Awwwwieee! so sweet of you… trust me I am no expert 😛 I am just a cake decorating enthusiast on overdrive 😛

  10. Can you feel a tightness around your torso? Yup, that’s me and my virtual hugs babe. How I wish I was on the sides to see these masterpieces….Here’s wishing you more success and joy with the coming seconds, hours, days,weeks, months and years..

  11. Nice to see all the pics Madhuri. Keep it up!!!
    – Shylaja (hope you remember me!)

  12. So good to see your post Mads…and what a wonderful one at that!!Mind blown at the variety of cakes you’ve been whipping up and did you just say it was all self-learnt?Kudos to you and your creativity.I think I am ordering one of those when I am in Bangalore next,you know with pink roses and all:)So happy for you Mads,three cheers to you!

  13. Good to see you back Mads. My bad.I have been wanting to call you for so long. Will talk to you soon. And did I tell you I repent for not being in Bangalore now. Those cakes are so pretty and to die for.

  14. Omg, stunning and mindblowing cakes. Hats off to you and your creativity skills.

  15. lovely cakes, and great inspiration too, thanks for sharing some ideas…

  16. Hi… its good to see u r back after such a long time… I have been a silent follower of your blog ever since i chanced upon the chocolate rum pots here. Wow… its great to see your sugar craft works… i had two questions. The two tier cake that you have made (i loved the colors)- how do u balance the tiers? Do u use wooden dowels or straws? And another question – would you be sharing ur fondant recipe sometime on your blog? I wanted to make fondant for the first time. I came across a recipe in food lovers magazine but i wanted a tried and tested recipe..

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