Updates, updates and more updates!

I’ve been busy. Very busy. And all for good reason. The baking workshops at ‘Bakenomics‘ are shaping up quite well, and I couldn’t be happier. And with the holiday month on, life has turned me into an even busier bee as my home-baking business ‘Sweet Somethings‘ is diligently churning out exquisite home-baked Christmas goodies. Before I tell you more about this though, let me give you an important update. A very very important update. Sit tight in that chair ‘cos this piece of news calls for undivided attention.

Thanks to all the love you have showered on ‘Cook-curry Nook’ in the last two years, I have decided to make a big move forward. And this big move comes in the form of the blog having its own domain. Yes! And what’s more, ‘Cook-curry Nook’ is also getting a brand new identity, replete of a new name and avatar! I’m thrilled to bits to announce this piece of news and I’m hoping you will share the excitement with me with equal fervour if not more. If you’re wondering how you will be updated about the new blog space, don’t you worry one bit. I’m making sure that all traffic coming here will be automatically redirected to the new domain once we’re up and running later this month. Till then, feel free to come and take as many dips here as you wish. And while you’re here, enjoy the snow on the blog as well! Oh and did I forget to tell you the new name for the blog? Hmm, no I didn’t. I want to add to the excitement with a little suspense. Wait just a few days more, and you’ll know 😉

Sometime back, I’d asked the followers on the CCN Facebook Fan-page as to why they think I haven’t been posting here. I got some really interesting answers. Most people thought I was having a baby! Well, not yet 😛 However, I’m letting my first baby get even better by letting it have a self-hosted domain.  Don’t you agree? After much contemplation, I’ve decided to move to my own domain for good. All the data on the blog was being exported and I didn’t want to halter the process in any way. Yeah, so now you know why there’s been a lull on here. It’s just the calm before I storm y’all with all the delectable goodness you so deserve. Are you excited? Me too.

Now that I’ve shared my big news, let me ask you this. It’s a little hard to believe we’re in December already, no? Here’s something for you – While you’re deciding on what to wish for in your letters to Santa, I’ve been making big plans so you can trust ‘Sweet Somethings‘ to take care of those sweet somethings on your wish list this Christmas! Our exquisite and heady Christmas Fruit Cakes will not only leave you craving for more, they’re home-made to boot, and can be made with/without eggs as per choice. Just so you know: we deliver pan-India. If you’re not in India and would like to have a Christmas goodie delivered to a loved one here, you could still order and we will have it delivered for you.

For more details and to order, head to ‘Sweet Somethings‘.  See you there!

So until I see you at the new blog, be good, and cook and bake lots of good food. Here’s wishing you many a bout of food coma this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Love & Hugs


16 responses to “Updates, updates and more updates!

  1. Congratulations Madhuri!!! Looking forward to CCN in a new avatar…All the best!!!

  2. It's me......taruna!

    Hi Madhuri, I love your blog and like baking at home too. Can you give me some tips on making a GingerBread House. I tried it last year and it wasn’t bad but could have been better 🙂 Especially Decoration.

    Also, I’d like to know where in India (mainly Delhi & Bangalore) can I get those attractive Christmas characters/pictures moulds (santa shape, snowman shape, gingerman etc.) for cake baking.



  3. Wow Congrats Madhuri!! Looking fwd to the new avatar 🙂

  4. Congrats Madhuri!!! I m definitely looking forward to the new facet !!

  5. Congratulations Madhuri! I’m awaiting everything that you’ve mentioned here. Make it quick, please. I have less patience.

  6. So happy and Cheers for the new home and can’t wait to see how it looks like…


  7. Awesome… 🙂

    Looking forward….

  8. Congratulations:) Would love to see the all new web and newer ideas!

  9. Congrats Madhuri..u rock..

  10. Congrats Madhuri for so many things all at once. I am sure that will keep you busy as a bee. I cannot wait to hear the new name and the new domain. Heading over to Sweet somethings.

  11. Congrats Madhuri on the move.

    So eager to explore your new space.

  12. CongraGulations Maditri….good to see you back!! I moved closer to you now……….

  13. Hey Congrats Madhuri…..Really excited & curious abt CCN’s new identity 🙂

  14. Congratulations Mads! Way to go – Wishing you lots more accomplishments and joy this year!

  15. Myna Venkatraman

    Congrats Madhuri.. all the best to you

  16. Congratulations Madhuri, first time here and feel blessed, baking is one thing I want to improvise on, soon will be joining your workshop, shall mail you. I am looking forward for feb month end batch.

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