Review: Cafe Coffee Day Square

‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’.

I heartily agree to this saying. So if you want to eat breakfast like a King, listen read with utmost attention ‘cos that’s what this post is all about – How to help you eat Breakfast like a King.

Cafe Coffee Day brings to you a quintessential breakfast menu from around the world at their relatively new format – The Square. I saw relatively new ‘cos it’s neither too old nor too new. At the Square, you get to wake up to the all new ‘Rise & Shine Breakfast Menu’ which offers a fine spread of breakfast options from around the world. The menu includes everything from Belgian waffles to masala omelettes and scrambled eggs to croissants to soft English muffins, to toast and jam and fruit bowls and fruit juices and potato wedges and yogurt aaaaaand – Single Origin Coffees. Phew, that was one long list. And imagine being able to get such a wide-spread menu under one single roof. Trust me, you will be spoilt for choice. I definitely was. What made this breakfast all the more special to me was being there on my birthday a couple of months back. And the CCD team had a sweet surprise planned for me in terms of the most chocoliciously divine pastry. Their Dark Chocolate fantasy I think. Thank you CCD team – it was really kind of you to do that for me. Made my day extra special. And that pastry has me fantasizing about it even today!

Now let me give you readers a small virtual tour of the place before we hit the breakfast table. I didn’t take any pictures of the cafe area ‘cos that is something I want you to go check out. Yes, I AM teasing. However, I do have a few pictures of the merchandise area at the Square. Interesting space with lovely knick-knacks for the kaapi connoisseur.

Framed! Can you spot me in the picture below? 🙂

Some more for the kaapi connoisseur.

Freshly roasted kaapi beans. Heady.

So yeah, let’s get down to business now – the review. I’ll outline what they have on their menu and we’ll talk about each in detail as we go. They have two options – Pre-planned Breakfast platters and an option to go À la carte.

Breakfast Platter Options (INR 219 each):

  • ‘Good Morning America’ – A delectable breakfast with choice of egg and potatoes served with coffee.

  • ‘From Europe with Love’ – Warm Belgian Waffles with choice of sauce (Blueberry/Maple syrup/Honey/Chocolate), coupled with a Fruit bowl and hot coffee.

Look at the maple syrup dripping down the side of that waffle. Don’t you just want to lick it?

  • ‘Wealth in Health’ – Healthy and delicious egg white served with a Fruit bowl, choice of yogurt and coffee (Sorry, don’t have a picture of this one. No one was too sold by this one to order it).
  • ‘Continental Daybreak’ – Choice of soft muffin or croissant coupled with a Fruit bowl, Muesli and Coffee.

That blob of jam on the muffin is killing me. Isn’t it doing the same to you too? Sigh!

And here’s a picture of the croissant variant of the Continental Daybreak that one of us had –

That croissant was warm, flaky and balmy. In short, to die for.

À la carte Options:

  • ‘Morning Glory’ – Choice of egg, served with grilled tomatoes and toast and Scrambled egg/Fried egg/Omlette (pepper or masala) – INR 139

  • ‘Waffle Day’ – Soft and warm Belgian Waffles served with choice of sauce (Blueberry/Maple syrup/Honey/Chocolate) – INR 139

  • ‘Muesli Sunrise’ – Crunchy Swiss Muesli served with warm or cold milk – INR 89 (Sorry, no picture of this one either. However, the bowl of muesli you see in the Continental Daybreak picture is the one you get if you order this).

Served with every platter or À la carte item is a kaapi of your choice. I would recommend you pick one from their Single-origin Coffees. In fact, even the Square  insists you try their single-origin coffees, something only this format specially carries for all the coffee connoisseurs. ‘Single-origin coffee’ refers to a particular variety with a single known geographical origin. This only makes your cup of coffee even more special. The single-origin coffees are served very niche-ly with a scrummy chocolate-chip cookie topped with a cute blob of luscious whipped cream. Have I ever told you how much I love the marriage of chocolate and coffee? Only one word – Bliss.

I had the Ethiopian Coffee. Kaapi Nirvana.

The food doesn’t just end here. They also have interesting sides to go with your breakfast:

  • Choice of Potato (Wedges/Hash brown) – INR 39/portion

This was so yumm, we kept ordering portion after portion after portion after portion after portion… (You get the point). And no, I didn’t keep count.  The number is embarrassing to say the least, and I don’t want you judging me.

  • Warm Toast served with butter and jam – INR 39/portion (No picture)
  • Fruit juice – INR 99

Orange juice at its best. Fresh, tangy and refreshing.

  • Fruit bowl – INR 49

Refreshing and succulent. And definitely not overtly sweet like fruit bowls usually are. Total win!

  • Yogurt – INR 49 (No picture)

I don’t know about you, but I’m in food coma just by thinking about all this food. Between us food bloggers who went there for breakfast that fine morning, we had almost the entire ‘Rise and Shine breakfast menu’ covered and were seen busy exchanging notes during our sumptuous meal. I had ‘From Europe with Love’ which is warm Belgian Waffles with choice of sauce (Blueberry/Maple syrup/Honey/Chocolate), coupled with a Fruit bowl and hot coffee. No prizes for guessing what my choice of sauce to go over the waffles was – ‘Chocolate‘ of course! Did you even have to think? If I were you, I’d know me so well by now that I’d answer that without batting an eyelid. The waffles were perfect – crisp on the outside and soft n’ chewy on the inside; just warm enough to taste like heaven with all that gooey chocolate-y goodness poured over it. Oh yes, a total food-porn moment. I cannot help it you know. I become like that when I talk about chocolate. Aaah, and talking about chocolate, how could I not share the pictures of that chocolate cake CCD had for me? Here are some candid pictures of me cutting my birthday cake.

And while we’re at it, here’s another picture of us bloggers who were at breakfast that day –

(L-R) Irin Majumdar, Me and Deepthi Shankar (Suma and Shubhada had unfortunately left by the time we got clicking).

In short, we had a wonderful time and loved everything we got to taste that day. And like I said earlier, that is almost everything on their menu. All of them are clear winners in my opinion. Did I just not help you make your decision in this review? Sorry, but that’s how good everything was. Go make your own decisions!

So here’s what you should do this weekend – Wake up leisurely (take your time, really), drive down to the CCD Square at UB City and enjoy a delectable breakfast from their ‘Rise and Shine’ Menu. Oh wait, I haven’t let you in on the good news yet. While their breakfast menu is open between 8am and 12 noon on weekdays, it’s open between 8am and 2pm on weekends. See, didn’t I tell you that you can take your time waking up? That’s certainly good news, no? So my best bet would be to get to the Square around 11-ish and do a brunch. Your tummy will be thanking you for it. Do come back and tell me what you had and how you liked it, won’t you?

So until the next one then. Ciao!


10 responses to “Review: Cafe Coffee Day Square

  1. Awesome review Mads. A perfect breakfast for a perfect day ahead!. Love the orange juice pic.


  2. the menu looks fabulous! and lovely to see u that u girls had a nice time..

  3. ur review has taken me on a virtual tour….. the way u describe b’lore and the specialities u enjoy…. it is making me want to stay in b’lore…. infact i had a chance of sipping some coffee in a ccd outlet on the b’lore road, though i dont exactly remember the place .. it was close to the big fly-over that leads u to hosur… coming back to ur review.. it looks suuuuuuuuuuper yummy (esp. the maple syrup dripping waffle )

  4. Thank you for the fabulous blog madhuri

  5. lovely write up! i wish ccd everywhere else at least served food that is edible 😦

  6. I hate you, like I love you! I hate you, like I luv ya, luv ya, luv ya. Need I say more? Oh yes, I do. Don’t I want to lick that maple syrup dripping down that waffle? I’d kill for it, I would!

    P.S (Just to make you feel nice :P) – These are some of your BEST shots. The lighting, focus, subject and the entire write-up itself…. everything compliments everything just perfectly!

  7. hi madhuri..first time here…love your blog. Am following you from now on. Hope you would like my space too. btw, i see that you live in bangalor…we plan to move to bangalore(elita promenade) sometime next year…do you live close by? Would be happy to meet a fellow blogger:)

    -Aarthi @munchmunchcrunchcrunch
    New Event – HLI-DATES

  8. Madhuri, awesome write up. Sounds like you gals had a wonderful time. Love those pictures .. virtual feast .. making me hungry and all what I am going to eat now is cereal :).

    DK and I are not sisters .. LOL .. Since we both hail from south India, I think there are some similarities in the food we make and the festivals we celebrate :). She is a wonderful blogger and an excellent photographer and I am a newbie who is finding my way out in the blogging world.

  9. While their breakfast menu is open between 8am and 12 noon on weekdays,???? it’s open between 8am and 2pm on weekdays. ????

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