Review: Cafe Coffee Day’s Summer Beverage Menu

So, you think that Cafe Coffee Day is all about coffee? Who says so? Doesn’t the picture say it’s NOT just about the kaapi? Still not convinced eh? Well then, allow me to have the pleasure of changing your opinion. Actually, I don’t even have to make an effort. The new line of Summer beverages and special sundaes will have you changing your mind before you even know it.

Let me introduce you to the 3 interesting flavour highlights they’ve brought into the summer menu – Kokum (cocum), Keri (raw mango) and Thandai (yeah, the very same cold drink associated with the Holi festival). Oh yes, you can roll your eyes again, ‘cos their summer menu has a wonderful desi twist! And what a swell idea it is. Let’s start tasting their summer menu then, shall we?

I started by sampling the ‘Kokum Jhatka’ – A devilish, scintillating concoction of Kokum juice, a hint of roasted cumin, some soda water and some other secret ingredients. I already love the Kokum juice I make at home during the summers, but this one takes things up a notch higher. Loved it. A must-try. The Jhatka comes to you at INR 80.

That’s me trying to get the perfect shot. Thank you Siri for this one. As you can see, I perked up the picture a little 😉

Next on the menu is the ‘Kokum Crush’ with slighter undertones of the Kokum flavour compared to its ‘Pop’-py counterpart. This one is perfect to sip along with an un-down-puttable fiction title for company (please excuse the blah picture). The Kokum Crush comes to you at INR 80.

Next comes the winner of CCD’s Summer Menu – ‘Keri Pop’ – a raw mango pop with that more-than-a-subtle-hint of aam panna, a little jal jeera mix, kala namak and of course, soda water. I love the ring the name has to it. Keri Pop. See, don’t you love it too? This is certainly the best among CCD’s summer beverages (don’t let the picture fool you into thinking otherwise). Priced at INR 80, you will get the full worth of your money if you take your time with that glass of pop. If you don’t order this one, you’re being just plain foolish. Meh!

What do we have next? The ‘Keri Crush’. And just like the Kokum Crush, this one too is a milder version of its pop counterpart. Another winner. This one comes to you at INR 80 too.

Now for a more exotic and rare flavour. The flavour of Thandai in a beverage like never before comes to you as ‘Thandai Chiller’ at INR 80. Easily, another winner and with a very different taste at that. The first thing that hits you when you take a sip of this is a very fiery hint of pepper. It gently sears your throat as it goes down and continues to linger subtly. Apart from the pepper, I could taste almond, fennel, khus khus, cardamom and milk.

There’s another luscious beverage (more like a) dessert with the Thandai flavour. This one is not for weak hearts. The ‘Cafe Thandai’ is CCD’s signature summer beverage, and  its a clever concoction of espresso and ice-cream blended with Thandai, generously topped with whipped cream. Oooo, doesn’t it sound exotic? It is! This one comes to you at INR 120 and is quite a meal by itself.

That completes the range of beverages in CCD’s Summer menu. So how about some ice-cream now? Do you have place in your tummy for some? Please don’t say no. Please. Pretty please. Okay, you just HAVE to try the ‘Desi Sundaes’. There, I said it. So what are these desi sundaes? A couple scoops of vanilla ice-cream topped with a tongue-tickling sauce of choice. So what’s desi about them? The sauce silly! You have kokum, keri and thandai sauces to choose from. Yes, the same three tantalizing flavours that their beverages are based on. The sundaes are priced at INR 95.

I’ve gone completely bonkers about the Keri Desi Sundae. A must must must-try. If I could, I would bring a bowl of it back home and lick it up clean without any inhibition. Errr, did I just make a fool of myself by saying that? Heck, who cares. So I lick up my bowl of ice cream. But you will not judge me for it, will you? You’re all nice people, so you won’t. Yeah, I know. Here’s some of that yummy ‘Keri Desi Sundae’ for you just so you’ll remember to be nice. Psst, now I can see you licking your bowl and we are so going to be even after you’re done. Hah!

Let me give you a peek into Latte Art before I go. Ever heard of Latte Art? Even if you haven’t, you have positively seen it on your cappuccino in CCD or any kaapi joint for that matter.  Siri and me had the honour of being able to meet Felix Daniel, Manager of Food & Beverage at CCD. Felix is twice winner of the World Barista Championship and he really knows his stuff. It was fun talking to him about his work, how he gets inspired for his recipe developement et al.  He was kind enough to let us take a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes when you order a cappuccino at CCD. Here’s a self-explanatory step-by-step photo session we did for you.

Felix first showed us how to make the cheruby heart. It is very deft hand-work once you start pouring in the frothy milk into the espresso shot, and you can make a variety of patterns with the frothy milk. How you move your hand and pour in the milk is what dictates which pattern you end up with. Here are a few classics in Latte art.

Top left to bottom right we have: The heart, The single steam of leaves, The double stems of leaves and lastly The Rising Sun. I simply loved the bonus behind-the-scenes visual tutorial we got. Thank you Felix, for going out of your way and making the session even more enjoyable. I know we badgered you with our very many questions but it was really worth every bit, atleast for us 😀 Thanks to PR Swaha Sircar too, for coordinating the tasting event. We had a good time.

Psst, Siri and I went back one more (hot) evening for some Keri Pop and Kokum Jhatka, and also some of that Keri Desi Sundae. You bet we had a good spoon fight over that sundae. All in the name of food. We’re still very much good friends 😛 Oh and yeah, thanks to Siri for some of the pictures you see here.

Tell you what? Now that you’ve read this review, how about rounding up on your friends and hanging out at the nearest CCD outlet to check out the Summer menu? The larger your gang, the more items you can cover on the menu. Good idea, no? Go on, do it then. Who’s stopping you I say?

So until the next one then…

8 responses to “Review: Cafe Coffee Day’s Summer Beverage Menu

  1. Yeh! Awesome review Mads. Re-lived that evening once again. It was so much fun. Yes, we did have a spoon fight the next time we went. Try the ice cream with Keri sauce folks, it is irresistible!


  2. Beautiful pictures! What a refreshing post 🙂

  3. Each one of those in the pictures sound awesome. It is not easy to write a balanced review when most of them can be added to favourites. Good job well done 😀

  4. Thanks a ton for the wonderful post Madhuri. Had a lot of fun that evening with Siri and you, and hope to do it again.

  5. i have seen these but never ordered anything… now i m tempted…

  6. Lovely! so desi 🙂

  7. First time here and loved reading about cofee day. I am a fan of coffee day and will try this out very soon

  8. It’s really nice to see the Desi range of drinks. I am glad CCD did not get carried away with other flavors that sometimes seem too far-fetched (even to pronounce) for us Indians. This summer menu certainly can make any Indian feel at home, yet enjoy a very global experience. Nice write up and suuuuper shots! And, yea, my personal fav is Siri’s pic of you.

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