Macaroni Salad

This is a super-duper refreshing salad you can put together like that, with a snap of your fingers. Snap! Heard that? Yeah, go check your refrigerator now, a magical genie put it together while you snapped your pretty fingers, and the salad is waiting for you!


  • Macaroni (elbow or tube-shaped) – 2 cups
  • Onions – 2 nos (medium-sized; finely chopped)
  • Tomatoes – 2 nos (medium-sized; finely chopped)
  • Capsicum/Bell Pepper – 1 no (medium-sized; finely chopped)
  • Mayonnaise – 5-6 tbsps
  • Tomato ketchup – 2 tbsps
  • Salt – 1/2 tsp + 1/4 tsp
  • Oil – a few drops
  • Water – 4-5 cups


  • Cook the macaroni in the water. Add a few drops of oil and 1/2 tsp of salt and let it cook on a medium flame till it is softly done. Stir occasionally to ensure that the macaroni doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Once done, transfer the macaroni to a colander and hold it under a running tap for 2 minutes, stirring gently to ensure all of the macaroni gets doused in cool water. Drain any excess water and set aside to cool.
  • Once the macaroni is cooled, put it into a large bowl and throw in the rest of the ingredients. Stir well and refrigerate.
  • Serve chilled as part of a full course meal. I can eat it all by itself, like a meal. Take your pick!

Needless to say, this is going to my event ‘Serve me Some…Salads‘ going on all this month.

P.S: Will post the round-up for the Juices, Shakes and Smoothies event soon. I’m not feeling too well and hence, not spending too much time on the computer. Hope to be back in action soon.


8 responses to “Macaroni Salad

  1. Love chilled salads with mayonnaise! Looks yummy!! Get Well soon!

  2. Mouthwatering salad, feel like grabbing rite now..

  3. ohh wow, who would say no to such yummy salad..creamy and tasty..

  4. Can you send that genie here to my place? Salad looks gorgeous!

  5. Yum-O! This looks delish, babe.

    And, yup get well soon so we see more of you out here!

  6. hmm..its looks really yum..will try n let u knw.take good care of ur health n get well soon.,

  7. Oh.. this is surely a tasty salad.. I thoroughly enjoyed it !!

  8. Thank you so much for the get well soon wishes you all…I sure hope to be back on my feet, errrr…actually my hands, soon!

    @Anu: Genie has been shipped. Let me know when you get him 😉

    @Prakruthi: It was really nice having you over girl! And Im even more glad you relished this salad to the last bite 🙂 Thanks so much for making it home!

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