Serve me Some…Salads

Hurrah! The ‘Serve me Some…’ second event is here! This time, it is ‘Summer Soothers II : Salads‘ which can help us combat the heat. No warm salads please, we’re trying to cool off here.
I’ve received a whooping 70-odd entries for last month’s event. Thank you all for sending in your entries. Will share the round-up with you all soon. Read on for more on this month’s event…
Here are the rules once again, just to ensure we’re all on the same page –

  1. Create a refreshingly cool Salad to fit the theme of ‘Summer Soothers’. You could use fruits, veggies or what you deem fit. Get as creative as you can! (Only vegetarian entries please. Eggs are allowed).
  2. Post it on your blog anytime during the month, starting today, right until 30th April ‘10 (Entries must be in English please).
  3. Provide a link to this announcement in your post and also please include the logo. It helps spread the word.
  4. Have an archived entry? No problem, just link it to the event announcement and update the post.
  5. Send in as many entries as you like. You have all month…the more the merrier!
  6. Lastly, please send me an email, not later than 11pm IST on 1st May,’10, at ’cookcurrynook[at]gmail[dot]com‘ with ‘Serve me Some…Salads’ in the subject line, and the following details
  • Your Name.
  • Blog URL.
  • Name of the recipe
  • URL of the post.
  • A picture of the dish, 300 pixels wide.

7.  Non-bloggers, please send me an email at the mentioned id, with the following details

  • Your Name.
  • Name of the recipe
  • The detailed recipe, with the ingredients and procedure.
  • A picture of the dish, 300pixels wide (if you have one).

There was some problem with the form creator tool I used, hence withdrawing that and sticking to conventional email entry submission. Will work something out soon, so we can ease out the process for the next event.

In case you have any queries/concerns, feel free to drop me a line at my email. I’m sure we can sort it out.

Alright, so whatcha’ waiting for? Let those creative juices flow…Do I hear the munch-munch of crunchy salads being feasted upon already? 😀 Go on, wow us all!

12 responses to “Serve me Some…Salads

  1. Excellent theme again..

  2. hey madhuri…do count me in…will send my entry soon .

  3. Wow, with the new theme, I am in for this one too.

  4. Great Work…! First time here.
    Wonderful space you have. Will be back often…
    drop in at my blog sometime…

  5. Great theme apt for summer.. count me in!!

  6. You accept riatas for this event? Since it is summer sothers: salads, would yogurt based raita fit the theme of the event?

  7. Hi Madhuri
    I have sent you my entry for the salad event.
    Have a good day!!

  8. Thanks all! Look forward to combat the heat with your support 🙂

    @Jay: Thanks so much for your kind words. You have a wonderful space yourself too! Keep it going 🙂

    @Padhu: Yes dear, I’ve received it. Thanks very much!

  9. Hi Madhuri
    First time visit to your blog. Nice space. Do visit my blog too whenever time permits. I have sent u my entry for the salad event. Pls count me too.
    Aparna Vijay

  10. Lovely theme sending my entry.My 1st time here you have a nice space.Do drop by

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