Aloo Parantha

Who can resist potatoes/aloo, and paranthas at that? Well atleast not me! Most of you visiting regularly must know by now about my love-affair with them taters! Though a lot of people prefer Aloo Paranthas for breakfast, I’d still vote for lunch/dinner b’cos they fill me up so much that I end up like a sitting duck with restricted movements!


For the stuffing:

  • Onions – 2 nos (large-sized; finely chopped)
  • Potatoes – 4 nos (large-sized; pressure cooked till soft, de-skinned and mashed)
  • Green Chillies – 2-3 nos (finely chopped/minced; alter to suit your taste)
  • Ginger – 1″ long piece; minced
  • Garlic – 7-8 pods; minced
  • Coriander/Cilantro – a handful; finely chopped
  • Jeera/Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  • Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp
  • Garam Masala Powder – 1 tsp
  • Jeera Powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Dhaniya powder (optional) – 1/4 tsp
  • Amchur powder (optional) – 1/4 tsp
  • Salt – to taste
  • Oil – 2 tbsps

For the dough:

  • Whole wheat flour – 2 cups
  • Salt – to taste
  • Water – as required
  • Oil – 2 tbsps


  • Prepare a dough with whole wheat flour, as you would for rotis/chappathis. Cover and set aside.
  • For the stuffing, heat oil in a wok. Add the jeera and allow to splutter.
  • Add the finely chopped onions, minced ginger and garlic, finely chopped green chillies. Saute till the onions are cooked tender. Remove from flame.
  • Transfer to a bowl and add the mashed potatoes, salt, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, jeera powder, dhaniya powder, amchur powder (if using) and coriander.  Mash well to incorporate all the ingredients. Allow the mixture to cool a bit if it is still hot.
  • Now, take a small amount of the roti dough and flatten with a rolling-pin.
  • Put some stuffing in the centre. Make sure this filling is a little smaller than the dough you have rolled out.
  • Draw the edges of the rolled out dough towards the centre to cover the stuffing (like a potli) and seal it well. Press the top of the ball with the palm of your hand until the dough gets depressed and forms a circular flatbread.
  • Roll out to a thickness slightly more than that of your rotis. Too thick a parantha will not cook well and too thin will break/crumble easily. The trick is getting the thickness right.
  • Heat a griddle/tawa and cook the parantha on a medium flame. It usually takes longer than a roti/chappathi to cook well.
  • Use a generous amount of oil on both sides, to cook the parantha, else it wont get cooked well. (This is one reason why I dont make paranthas too often).
  • In the meanwhile, take some thick curd, whip lightly so as to form a smooth texture. Add 1/4 tsp each of black pepper powder and jeera powder. Add salt to taste and some finely chopped coriander (optional).
  • Once the parantha is cooked, serve hot with the masala curd, some tomato slices and onion rings on the side. Yummax!


12 responses to “Aloo Parantha

  1. LOL on the sitting duck – I’m sitting like that right now as I type this. The paranthas look delicious! And that butter on top is just sinful!

  2. My all time favourite, shall i invite myself to ur place Madhu 😉

  3. The Aloo Paratha looks too good. Love that blob of butter sitting on top. Agree so much with u that parathas are good for lunch/dinner as they make me too full!

  4. Yumm.. One of my fav weekend dishes!!Make this during weekends as my brain will not function efficiently after the I stuff myself with these yummy stuffed parathas!

  5. I like to have it as my lunch/dinner too.With a bowl of curd and a blob of pickle on the side and I am done.Love the stack of parathas with the butter..yum!!

  6. Gorgeous looking parathas, Madhuri. This is my all time fav type of paratha…and yes, I too prefer them for lunch/dinner. Good one!

  7. One of the family favs..One of those few things, everyone in the family would agree on 😀 looks so perfect Madhuri

  8. Jayashree Rajan

    The aloo parathas look delicious! Its one of our family favourites too so usually reserved for sunday breakfasts when you can afford to laze after stuffing yourself!We usually have it with coriander chutney,curd and lime pickle.Good recipe Madhuri!Looks just right!

  9. How I wish I were your husband !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah !

  10. Thank you all!

    @Priya: Sure dear, please do!

    @Jayashree: Did you get a chance to wow your hubby with the taters yet? 😉

    @Gowri: Hahahaha, ROFL! 😛

  11. Hi Mads,
    Day before yesterday, ‘A’ wanted Aloo parathas for dinner.. It had been quite some time since I had made his fav dish.. Then thought why not check out your Aloo paratha recipe instead of my usual way. I make good parathas generally, but just that I mash potatoes and add all the powders which I get my hand on and make the stuffing. Your proper procedure with the onions and jeera turned out to be lovely I should say! It was soo yummy! I don’t think I’ll go back to my version again! Thanks a looooot !

  12. Maladhi Kanagarajan

    I lovve this…and yesss !! sitting duck is what I am nowwww 🙂 this came out really tasty :), unlike my previous attempt with cabbage paranthas. I suppose I nailed the trick to roll them out just right 😀 … You are really a god-send and I definitly second the wish to be your husband ..hee hee hee.

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