What Juice Am I?

I’m back with a new guessing game…another juice! And this one’s not as easy-peasy as Pudina juice, so let your imagination run wild! And no, it is not red wine! You have until 7am on Tuesday morning (IST) to get it right. Happy Guessing! 😀


17 responses to “What Juice Am I?

  1. It is “Pomogranet” or “Watermelon”…looking at it’s texture..it does not look like “Tomato” and the colour certianly is not that of an “Apple”…!! hope i’m on the right track atleast this time..;?

  2. hmmm this looks like pomogranet juice..

  3. Hi Madhuri,
    If I am not wrong, this is Kokam juice!!! OR is it a iced black tea? In any case, I would really enjoy to have it. Waiting for the right guess and the recipe!

  4. Since the Pomogranate, Kokam and watermelon already on the list.

    Let me throw in tomato also:p

  5. Dude…this looks like Rooh Afza!! Or the Rose milk essence!

  6. I’ll go with Pomegranate juice.

  7. Beetroot with lemon and honey. Right? 😀

  8. Sahana Shekhar

    well, wanted to give out my wild guesses, but everything’s already up, so am just waiting for the recipe… but i think, its just clear tomato juice with a dash of lemon 🙂

  9. Sahana Shekhar

    I cannot stop posting…. its pomegranate, i know its already up there but my imagination is not going any further!!

  10. Just another guess… This is the water from steaming/boiling beetroots and carrots together. Then you’ve added honey and lemon.

  11. Sudha Narayanan

    Surely watermelon!! 🙂

  12. OK i think it is lime tea..but i cannot guess why you would have a salted rim..:P

  13. Yipee…it’s tuesday 2morrow…!! I finally get to know the answer…waiting up madhuri…!!

  14. Hey all! Im so sorry for not posting the answer on time. Today being Ugadi, I had my hands full. My parents and his were at our place for lunch. Just trying my best to slip out of food coma now!

    OK! No more bak-bak!
    Nivedita, you were bang on track!! Wow! It is indeed Kokum Juice! Congrats on getting it right! Others, don’t be disheartened, this guessing game will be like a monthly series (will have to work that out), so you have loads many more chances to get your answers right! Better luck next time!
    I’ll post the recipe for the Kokum Juice soon. Stay tuned 🙂

  15. P.S: Happy Ugadi to you all 🙂

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