Instant (Guilt-free) Banana Ice-cream

Yeah, you read it right. Instant, as long as you have frozen bananas waiting for you in the freezer. Im sure if you had a chance, you’d be asking me – “Huh? Ready frozen bananas? Are you gone bananas?” :P. Alright, jokes apart, this one’s really too easy to make-believe! You have to try it out to know what I’m talking about. My dear friend Gowri told me about this and urrrrrrged me to try it out. Im positive that if she was in Bangalore, she would have come home and made sure I put those bananas into the freezer! So as I was chatting with her this morning, in went the bananas into my freezer and I couldn’t wait to get home in the evening and make it right after dinner. Both of us loved this one G, thanks a million for sharing 😉

As you can very well see, my ice-cream was melting as I was taking the pics and I couldn’t wait to get a perfect shot and dig into my quick-fix dessert. It was beckoning to be gobbled up! Well, that’s my sad excuse for the poor picture. It really does no justice whatsoever, to the yummy-ness quotient! 😛


  • Ripe Bananas (the big variety) – 4 nos
  • Milk – 1 tbsp
  • And some place in your freezer!


  • Peel the bananas and cut into rings 1″ apart. Freeze for about 10-12 hours or till they harden. (I secretly thought even mashing and freezing them might help to grind easily later, but Im not sure if that would work. Feel free to try it out if you wish).
  • Once hardened, remove from freezer and grind with just the wee bit of milk (as mentioned).
  • Scoop into ice-cream bowls, top with chocolate sauce/chocolate vermicelli/chocolate chips (yeah, Im very very partial to chocolate as you can see) or choice of topping and dig in!! 😀

There, I couldn’t wait to rave about such a simple, yet yummy, quick-fix dessert! 😉 So ‘choo waiting for then? Go chop up some bananas and put them in the freezer for your treat! Go on, give in to those urges! 😉

I’m sending this over to Padmajha’s ‘No-cook Event‘. Hope you like it Padmajha!


25 responses to “Instant (Guilt-free) Banana Ice-cream

  1. Hats off to simplicity!! I’m off to make some room in the freezer 🙂

  2. I knew you would like it..So healthy and don’t have to give a second thought about those calories adding up from other ice creams..Also I have a mind to try it out with mangoes..I am sure they will taste too good with Indian mangoes.. Go ahead and do it if mangoes are out and tell me how it tastes..Enjoy !

    • Yup, absolutely guilt-free and it cannot get any simpler. Thanks mucho mucho for this one 🙂
      Mangoes are yet to come in…your idea has me sprouting red, shiny, devil’s horns. Im waiting for them to come in now 😛

  3. Looks yum…what fun to have home made icecream..

  4. Cool in the true sense of the word. This might even taste good with hot chocolate fudge on it… almost like banana split. Yumm!

  5. Ahaaaa… it does look very inviting and sounds absolutely easy to make too… got to try this one next time when I get some bananas 🙂

  6. Thanks all you ladies! 😛
    Hats off to G for her find! *Bows down*

  7. Hey amazing…looks very tempting..must thank u and ur friend Gowri..nice

  8. This sounds yummmm… must try it out ….

  9. Y’all should really !!!

  10. LOL! U actually renamed it. Thanks babe, for taking my comment into consideration!

  11. Ich warten fur die next post 🙂 [My Deutsche is crap!]

  12. Ok I figured something !! The first time I made this, I had added some dry fruits to the banana while grinding..Thats what made it taste fab !! The next time, I made it plain..It didn’t taste very good..So add dry fruits to it and try..It gives it a totally diff level of taste ! and you will then know why I was raving about it !:P

  13. What a clever idea! When I was little my mother used to keep peeled bananas in the freezer. We would wrap them in some paper towels, and eat them like icypoles. This is an even better idea. Perfect thing to do with bananas that are starting to go brown!

  14. Sudha Narayanan

    Hi Mads,
    Made this for dessert tonight.. Freezed the ‘nanas in the morning.. Awesome simple recipe..Added some almonds and cashews too, as suggested by Gowri.. We are enjoying this one.. Thanks a ton! 🙂

  15. really? like, really? ok must try 😀

  16. Thanks for shring this! Luv it.

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