Moong Daal Halwa

This was a really old wish…to learn how to make Moong Daal Halwa. I finally decided to make this wish come true today evening. The weather was perfect to have something hot and I got everything ready to prepare the halwa.

And whats more, my husband who generally does not relish sweets that much, loved this one and even asked for a second helping! Now, I really couldn’t ask for anything more, could I?!! 😉



  • Moong Daal – 1 cup (soaked for 3 hours, drained and ground into a coarse paste without using water)
  • Milk – 1 cup (warm)
  • Sugar  – 1 1/2 cups
  • Ghee – 1 1/2 to 2 cups (depending on how calorie conscious you are!)
  • Saffron – few florets (ground with 1/2 tsp milk and added to the cup of warm milk)
  • Almonds – a handful (slivered and fried in 1/2 tsp ghee) (I dint have them at home, so I dint add any)

Serves: 8-10 persons (small servings)


  • In a non-stick wok, heat the ghee and add the coarsely ground moong daal paste.
  • Fry the paste on a low flame, stirring continuously, till the mixture turns into a lovely golden brown colour.
  • Once the mixture has absorbed all the ghee and starts becoming dry, add the warm milk (with the ground saffron added in the milk) and stir well for 2 minutes till the milk is mixed in well.
  • Add the sugar and continue stirring.
  • When the halwa is near getting done, it will start to leave the sides of the wok.
  • Leave on low flame for another 3-5 minutes, stirring continuously, till it gets the consistency of shira.
  • Remove from flame, allow to cool for about 10 minutes and serve with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream! Delicious dessert…all yours!

This sweet requires refrigeration since milk has been used in the preparation.


12 responses to “Moong Daal Halwa

  1. Looks perfect and inviting!

  2. Thanks Anupama! Your feedback is very encouraging 🙂

  3. vow! halwa looks yumm..warm halwa with vanilla ice cream…ooooohhh!

  4. 🙂 Thanks Rashmi…make it sooner and let me know! I dint have the ice-cream at home, but you should totally try the combo 🙂

  5. looks very tempting…

  6. Looks yummy and tastes yummy too ! Try using sugar syrup ( thin )

    instead of sugar granules next time you make it.

  7. Mouthwatering! Pefect recipe for moong dal halwa atlast.

  8. Yummmmmyyyyy..! Me n my hubby used to crave for this…we used to go to the ”Ramana’s” and have it…moongdal halwa with iceream!!! Now i can make this at home..thank you!

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