Chocolate Nirvana | Home-made Chocolates & Chocolate-coated Biscuits

We had some friends over for tea on the weekend and I was running out of ideas on what to serve them. I was so bored of the usual chai-biscuit thingy and quickly came up with an idea of chai-biscoot with a chocolate-y twist 🙂

I recently picked up the art of home-made chocolates and ever since, tend to have some dark chocolate compound handy in my refrigerator. I decided to make some chocolates and some choco-pies. For the choco-pies, I used the Marie digestive cookies from the market.

Chocolate Hearts



  • Dark Chocolate compound – 500 gms (Brand – Amul / Morde) (I used the dark chocolate compound. You could even use white chocolate / milk chocolate variants)
  • Nuts / Raisins (optional) – as required
  • Marie Digestive Biscuits – 10 nos
  • Plastic Chocolate moulds in various shapes (They’re easily available at most local supermarkets)
  • Colour Chocolate wrapping paper

Method – Home-made Chocolates:

  • Take the chocolate slab out of the refrigerator 1 hour before melting.
  • Break the chocolate compound into small pieces (about 1/2″ pieces) and place in a microwaveable bowl. You could also melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
  • Put the bowl in the microwave oven and melt. As a guide, melt 125 gms dark chocolate compound on high power for 1 minute and white or milk chocolate on medium power for 2-3 minutes.
  • Stir the chocolate with a whisk and let stand for half a minute, then stir again if necessary. Return to the microwave for another 30 seconds if required.
  • Add the nuts or raisins if you have chosen to make the chocolates along with them. Stir well.
  • Drop the chocolate mixture into the moulds.
  • Pat the moulds lightly on your kitchen counter to even out the chocolate in the moulds, else you will have an uneven finish on the underside of each chocolate once they have set.
  • Keep the moulds in the freezer and allow to set for 15 minutes. Remove from the refrigerator.
  • Un-mould and wrap in coloured chocolate paper. Store in a jar in a cool, dry place. Does not require refrigeration once it is set, unless you live in a very hot, humid place.

Melting Chocolate in a Double-boiler:

  • Take the chocolate slab out of the refrigerator 1 hour before melting.
  • Break the chocolate compound into small pieces (about 1/2″ pieces)
  • Put the chocolate in a heat proof glass or metal bowl (borosil or stainless steel bowl) that can sit over a sauce pan. This makes a double boiler.
  • Fill the saucepan with 1″ high water and put on the stove to boil. When water boils, reduce heat to minimum.
  • Place the bowl of chocolate on the simmering water, taking care not to let the base of the bowl of chocolate to come in contact with the hot water.
  • Do not stir. Once the chocolate starts to melt, stir very gently with a rubber spatula or a wooden spoon.
  • When the chocolate is almost melted, switch off the stove. Remove bowl from the saucepan.
  • Gently stir again till fully melted and glossy.

Method – Choco-pies:

  • Get the molten chocolate ready as described in the one of the two methods above.
  • Drop a biscuit into the molten chocolate. Using two spoons, carefully ensure to coat the cookie well on all sides.
  • With the help of the spoons, lift the cookie from the molten chocolate and place on a dish covered with aluminium wrapping foil.
  • Repeat with each cookie.
  • Place the dish in the refrigerator (normal compartment, not the freezer) and allow to set for 5-10 minutes.
  • Once it has set, remove from refrigerator, wrap in coloured paper and store in the normal compartment of the refrigerator.

Voila! Sinful chocolates and choco-pies ready at home! Well, so what more can you ask for to attain Chocolate Nirvana?!! 😀


30 responses to “Chocolate Nirvana | Home-made Chocolates & Chocolate-coated Biscuits

  1. They look yummmmm !! I want…..

  2. Sure Sure! Will give the next time I make it. This batch got over the same day 🙂

  3. Hi Madhuri,
    I met your mother Rohini Kumar last week and came to know about your website. I am also a Kumaranite(SSLC 1982 batch). Hope to meet you on saturday and learn more things from you. I saw your site and it looks pretty interesting. All the best in all your accomplishments. Love,
    Uma Nataraj. My mobile number is 9880385378. Where do you stay? keep in touch.

  4. A million thanks !!
    your recipe came very handy. I was franticly searching for this 🙂
    take care

  5. tel me , we have to mix dark and milk chocolate ?

  6. hi maduri
    i did use the same morde brand dark chocolate but ma chocolates didnt harden after refridgerating y

    • Aeshya,
      It’s Madhuri, not Maduri.
      Did you use the chocolate or the chocolate compound (please refer recipe again)? Either way, the chocolate or the compound should set after cooling. Not sure what went wrong with your’s.

  7. very helpful method thaks a lot for the great guidance!

  8. Thanks a lot. We are trying it tommorrow. Will it have the same taste as the one(ooty chocolate) we get at wellington? The Mordes should have given few recipe’s with their products.

  9. Reading your recipe was great. I have been using dark compound Morde and experimenting – just because I love to make chocolate varieties.I also add butter which i dont read in your suggestion.
    I add cream and it remained soft. Once earlier I added rum and wine, it tasted good.

  10. After dropping the chocolate into the moulds, is it put in the refrigerator as it is i.e hot or we have to wait till it becomes cold?

    Thanks in advance

  11. i face a problem while packing these cholates once i unmould them…they start getting tiny droplets,,,and even if i dry them with a butter paper and pack them , they form patches when opened pls help

  12. Hello,
    I melted dark & milk morde compound and then i used rum essence, I added resins and set them in molds. I eat chocolate after 15 days and I found that there were no smell & taste of rum. why this happened ? Whn I made it, taste was good.

  13. hey there!!! are v not required to add sugar or something as sweetner??

  14. very helpfull recipe.descriped in simple n user friendly manner…

  15. Hii it’s so easy way to make chocolate at home. my husband love white chocolate I got white compound but had no idea how to make it.thanks a ton. just one query do I need to add sugar?

  16. I have chocolate morde which is kept in storage for 1yr outside n not in fridge can I still use it to make chocolate

  17. very nice

  18. let me know which compound is in which colour? i am new to this

  19. Thanks a lot, Madhuri! I was really looking for a tutorial that showed making chocolates with Morde.

  20. i want to make this but i am confused as there are many dark chocolates of morde with different codes ex;co D15 etc which is better please suggest me

  21. Hi madhuri, I made chocolate using dark n milk compound of morde… It came good.. I wrapped them and kept in fridge.. But if I remove it from fridge it starts to melt… I don’t know what to do… Help me

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