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Go the Distance! Make a Difference!

Have you ever seen or come across an underprivileged child and felt a tug at your heartstrings? I cannot recount the number of times that has happened. It is so sad that there are millions of kids and babies out there who’ve been abandoned and nearly done for either by cruel, heartless people or unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully, there still exist people like you and me who can be like breaths of fresh air in atleast some of those lives and help them forget their worries and smile for a change.

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Cook-curry Nook turns 2!!

Did you know that Cook-curry Nook turned 2 today? :) Yes, it’s a Happy Happy Birthday to my darling and not-so-little-anymore Bloggy baby, hurrah!!

As I celebrate CCN’s 2nd birthday, I’m sending out my heartfelt thanks to friends, family and fabulous readers alike for all of your support and love. CCN wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys. Love you all :) <Hugs>

Here’s some b’day cake  for all of you. Have a bite. Don’t forget to say hi to me as you’re munching on the cake :)

Stay rooted for some blasts from the past and a wonderful surprise that I’ve been planning :D

Free-spirit Bloggers

Free-spirit Bloggers? Errrrr…Who? What? Where?

Allow me to bring you on the same page. Let me start by saying that I was feeling a tad tied down and slackened by a lot of things going on around me, and needed something to perk me up. Did I just hear you say “What better way to get perked up, than cooking up a storm in the kitchen?” Aye aye Cap’n! But then, the last couple of months have seen me doing just mundane cooking. Just like a programmed robot – No storms. No excitement. No fervour. Nothing. Added to this, even the poor oven is rusty and pulling a face at me. I was raring for something that would excite, thrill and be a whole lot more serious fun in the kitchen. Well let me admit, for a long time now I’ve been racking my brains about a series of blogger events that would be ‘something totally different’. Something that would awaken the adventurous side in us, and also give us that exciting punch; you know – experiment, learn new stuff, try some challenging dishes/bakes and so much more.

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Cook-curry Nook for ‘Best of Indian Blogosphere 2010′

Dear All,

‘Cook-curry Nook’ has been nominated in the final round of ‘The Best of Indian Blogosphere 2010′ in the Food Blogs category. If you think I deserve to win, I would be thrilled to bits if you voted for me. To cast your vote, please click here if you have a Facebook account. Alternately, you could even go to the link on the side-bar and cast your vote. Thanks so much in advance for your support!



The Chocolate Fest – Event Round-up and Giveaway Winner(s)!

“Other things are just food, but Chocolate’s Chocolate” – Patrick Skene Catling

Did you all have a great time drooling at/making all those delectable chocolate goodies last month? I sure did! And boy, what fun it was to make treat after treat, and share them with people around me. It was even better when each one of you left me a comment with your entries to the Chocolate Fest…I was so full of glee, child-like, jumpy and excitable. Nothing makes me happier than chocolate. There, I’ve said it. Now that I’ve so explicitly fessed up, you know what my weak point is, so please do take advantage of it ;)

The Chocolate Fest has been the best thing that has ever happened to Cook-curry Nook so far, and I thank each and every one of those who were part of it. There were 26 people who turned up at the Fest, 3 of which were non-bloggers. And there is this one non-blogger who sent in a whopping 9 entries to the Fest, and she sure swept me off my feet! Archna Venkatesswaran, you are truly the ‘Chocolate Queen‘ of this fest! Oh and yes, nobody can even think of ignoring Anu Nandu’s big mamma of a Black Forest trifle; The chocolicious Trifle wins the ‘Chocolate porn queen‘ Award! I also have another something for you Anu, but lets save it for later shall we? You know how I love to build the suspense ;)

There’s a small twist – I’ve received 11 entries from 3 non-bloggers, and seeing the amount of interest each one has taken to send me their entries along with a wonderful write-up, I’ve decided that instead of including all 11 recipes in this round-up, each of their entries deserves a separate post. So Mridubhashini, Vani and Archna, I will be featuring all your entries as individual posts under ‘Tales from Your Kitchen‘. I will link your posts in this post once they’re all up; that way, anyone coming to this round-up will automatically get to see your featured posts as well. I hope this idea of mine is well-received by you guys.

So shall we get to the round-up now? Dive away, it’s a pretty exhaustive list. Levitate in the chocolate nirvana!

  1. PJ Chocolate Milkshake
  2. Megha – Vegan Chocolate Burfi
  3. Megha – Orangettes
  4. Sneha Rao – Sunflower seed and Chocolate-chip speckled Banana Cookies
  5. Sneha Rao – Chocolate Cheesecake
  6. Sneha Rao – Super-quick No-bake Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies
  7. Deepti Pawar – Black Forest Cake
  8. Deepti Pawar – Quick n easy White Chocolate Mousse
  9. Deepti Pawar – Black Forest Cupcakes
  10. Deepti Pawar – Mocha Cream Gateau
  11. Preetha Karthik – Chocolate Cake balls
  12. Preetha Karthik – Easy Choco Cupcakes
  13. Pavithra Srihari – Pistachio Chocolate Fudge
  14. Nags – Easy basic Chocolate Brownie
  15. Aliena Verghese – Basic Chocolate fudge Pudding
  16. Denny – 2 min Microwave Chocolate Cake
  17. Swapna – Red Velvet Cake Pops
  18. Swapna – Chocolate Rasberry Cake
  19. Suma – Queen of Sheba Cake
  20. Vanishri Bhat – Chocolate
  21. Divya Kudua – Instant Triple Chocolate Mousse
  22. Divya Kudua – Mocha Chocolate-chip Muffins
  23. Divya Kudua – SoNo Brownies
  24. Divya Kudua – Black-forest Trifle Pudding
  25. Arundhuti Easy Dark Chocolate Brownie
  26. Aparna Mallya – Eggless Chocolate Cake
  27. Aparna Mallya – Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
  28. Aparna Mallya – Zebra Cake
  29. Shubhada – Chocolate Mocha Dip
  30. Anu Nandu – Black Forest Trifle
  31. Sarah – Chocoholic’s Dream
  32. Geetha – No-bake Cookies – Bachelor’s Buttons
  33. Nithu Bala – Bourbon Biscuits
  34. Nithu Bala – Eggless Chocolate Cake
  35. Nithu Bala – Chocolate Cake Truffles
  36. Veena Aravind - Choco fruit and nut bars
  37. Veena Aravind One-bowl Cocoa bars
  38. Veena Aravind – Black Forest Cupcakes
  39. Nachiketa Chocolate Tiramisu
  40. Nachiketa – Flying Tiramisu Cupcakes
  41. Nachiketa – Coffee Chocolate Raisin Cake
  42. Radhika Vasanth – Chocolate Granola
  43. Mridubhashini Mohan (Non-blogger) – Chocolate Truffle Cake
  44. Shree Vani (Non-blogger) – Chocolate Tart
  45. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Chocolate Truffle Tarts
  46. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Zebra Cake
  47. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Chocolate Mousse
  48. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Dark Secret
  49. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Dotty Chocolate Cake
  50. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Brownie
  51. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – No-bake Cookies
  52. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Choco hearts in White Chocolate Sauce
  53. Archna Venkatesswaran (Non-blogger) – Chocolate Star Cake
  54. Madhuri Kumar – Double Chocolate chip Cookies
  55. Madhuri Kumar – Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  56. Madhuri Kumar –  Eggless, Butterless 5-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake
  57. Madhuri Kumar – Flourless Chocolate Cake
  58. Madhuri Kumar – Rich Chocolate Cake
  59. Madhuri Kumar – The 2-Minute Chocolate Wonder Cake in a Mug
  60. Madhuri Kumar – Vegan Chocolate Cake
  61. Madhuri Kumar – Black Forest Gateau
  62. Madhuri Kumar – Dark Chocolate & Orange Gateau
  63. Madhuri Kumar – Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
  64. Madhuri Kumar – Chocolate Mousse
  65. Madhuri Kumar – Chocolate-chip Muffins
  66. Madhuri Kumar – No-fat Sugarless Double Chocolate Muffins
  67. Madhuri Kumar – One-minute Vegan Microwave Black Forest Cupcakes
  68. Madhuri Kumar – Home-made Chocolates
  69. Madhuri Kumar – Chocolate-coated Biscuits
  70. Madhuri Kumar – Rocky Road Bites
  71. Madhuri Kumar – Eggless Triple Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake

Here’s some eye-candy for you all to drool at -

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now, comes the biggest thing…something we’ve all been waiting for – The Winner of the GIVEAWAY! You ARE ardently waiting to know who’s walking away with a copy of Alice Medrich’s ‘Chocolate Holidays‘ aren’t you? Here’s the book cover again, to help you remember and drool at it one more time before I reveal the winner.
Got a good look? Good!
Before I get down to the winner of the giveaway, I must say that every entry was the best, and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Thank you all once again, for making CCN’s 1st Anniversary a truly chocolicious one! Now, to the winner (finally, yes!) – I made a list of the entrants in order of receiving them and picked a winner using And the winner that picked is… Entrant no 18!! And who exactly is that? Scroll down! (I definitely LOVE to build the suspense ;))
Anu Nandu of Mriganayani! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Anu, heartiest congratulations, and a big hug! I hope you enjoy the book. Look forward to many many more chocolate-porn queens adorning Mriganayani! Please send me your address. I have a friend coming to the US from India in a month from now, and I will have her ship it to you once she gets home :)
Now for another surprise!! Oh yes, I’m loving this second build-up of suspense now ;) When I saw how much interest the 3 non-bloggers had taken and sent me their chocolicious creations, I just couldn’t leave it at that, could I? I just HAD to give them something for their enthusiasm and spirit. So I’m giving away to each of the non-bloggers, ie – Mridubhashini, Vanishree and Archna, a copy of Nita Mehta’s ‘Chocolate Recipes‘! The book is loaded with Chocolate treats and I hope you guys enjoy it as much I think you would.
Girls, please mail me your respective addresses. I will arrange to have it couriered to you right away. Mridu, I guess I will send your copy along with Anu’s, through my friend travelling back to the US next month.

Alrighty then folks, I’ll leave you with a parting shot of a collage of some more eye-candy before I sign off. Do I hear all those splashes you’re making? Go on, have the chocolicious time of your life!!

‘The Chocolate Fest’ – Celebrating CCN’s 1st Anniversary!!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Cook-curry Nook turns ‘ONE’ on October 18th, and I could not have brought CCN this far if not for you guys! My heartfelt thanks to each and every reader, for motivating and encouraging me to keep this going. I owe it all to you guys. Come here now will you, let me give you a big hug for everything you’ve done for me! <Huggggggggsss> from both CCN, and me :D

Aren’t we feeling festive already? We’re celebrating Navaratri, Diwali is around the corner, and CCN adds to the festive spirit by turning One too! Seriously, could this get any better? Only you could make that happen! How? Let me tell you in a bit. Before that, let me tell you what a terrific journey this last year has been with you all. Thanks to CCN, I have so many new friends from the world over, friends who I havent met, but I know they’re there, just like that. What’s more, all you friends are big foodies just like me *smirk*, so I don’t feel like a fool when I ramble on about my love for different foods. Talking about my love for foods, you know about my long-standing affair with the Chocolate family no? Why am I suddenly talking Chocolate? Am I planting ideas in your pretty head? Are you getting the exact same ideas I want you to get? Oh yes you’d better be! After one year of listening to my banter, you should know of my love for chocolate and anything chocolate-y. Do you not? Well you know now, yeah? Make a mental note of this, ‘cos I’m going to have you thinking of chocolate all the time, for the next one month. Yes, all the time! Why? Isn’t it simple? I want YOU to join ME in celebrating CCN’s first Anniversary, and how are we going to do that? By making all things chocolate-y and talking about it too! Oh yes, you get to talk about it alright, and share it with CCN too, right here, at a virtual party to celebrate one hell of a year, and many more to come! Isn’t that just wonderful?

Here’s how – Make any food with chocolate or something that is chocolate-y, anytime between today i.e. 15th October, and 15th November, and send it over to the party. The creation can be a cake or bake, a dessert, pudding, home-made chocolates, your own chocolate-y creations…you get the drift. Prepare and share just anything, as long as it is chocolate-y for all of us to tip into the heaven-liest Chocolate Nirvana!

Here are some rules we could do with, just to make things clear -

  1. The entries must be original. If inspired or copied from another source, please give credit. Multiple entries are allowed.
  2. Please link your post/s to this post.
  3. Older entries are fine as long as you link them here. No need to re-post.
  4. If you are a Blogger, leave me a comment here with a link to your post, once you have your chocolate-y recipe posted. NO need to send me an email.
  5. Non-bloggers, I would love it if you could contribute. After all, you are my pillars of strength! Please send me an email with a detailed recipe (inclusive of ingredients, their proportions, and the procedure), along with a picture, and then leave me a comment on this post, so that way, its easier for me to include your entry for picking the random winner.
In case you have any queries, feel free to drop me a line.
So are you ready to dive head-long into a month-long bout of Chocolate Nirvana? I for one, am not sure if I should dive into it, or levitate in the high. Help me decide, will ya? ;) Gee yes, go on and flood me with your entries, and I hope this will be a high that none of us will forget very easily!

Potato Salad Chat

OK, this is the last of the left-over delicacies, with both, the creative juices and the aloo parantha stuffing running on ration ;)


  • Potato Salad – 2 cups
  • Flat puris (Sev puris) – as many as you like/as many as you can make with the potato salad you have on hand (I used a store-bought packet of the flat puris, which had about 30-35 of them and used them all up). You could also use chat katoris like the ones here.


  • Top each flat puri with the salad, or if using chat katoris, scoop spoonfuls into each katori. Sprinkle some sev on top if you like (I didn’t have any on hand). Arrange on a plate and serve immediately.

If you plan to make them ahead for a party, keep the topping ready and top the puris/fill the chat katoris just before serving, to prevent the puris/chat katoris from getting soggy.

This too, is going to Gomathy’s (Daisy Blue) ‘Left-over Delicacies‘ Event.

Potato Salad

So what happened to the left over Potato Saagu? Since the hubby left for work in a hurry and I was left all alone with the saagu, I couldn’t finish it fully and whatever little of it was left, became a new kind of salad! Any potato based gravy tends to thicken, and by evening, the saagu had thickened considerably. So in it went into my salad the same evening. And what did half the salad become? I’ll leave you to guess that one, until tomorrow morning!


  • Potato Saagu – 1 cup (If you don’t have any, just dice/mash some boiled potatoes and use them instead)
  • Onions – 2 nos (medium-sized; finely chopped)
  • Tomatoes – 2-3 nos (medium-sized; finely chopped)
  • Coriander/Cilantro – couple of sprigs, finely chopped
  • Lime juice – from 1/2 a lime
  • Mayonnaise – 1-2 tbsps
  • Tomato ketchup – 1-2 tbsps
  • Salt – to taste (only if required)


  • Toss all the ingredients together in a bowl and stir well.
  • Enjoy the creamy salad just as is, or with some sandwiches. (For another brilliant idea hang in there till tomorrow! ;))

This too, is going straight to Gomathy’s (Daisy Blue) ‘Left-over Delicacies‘ Event.